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Clara Novikova dreams of number with Pavel Volej

National favourite Clara Novikova does not love an intrigue, a gossip, considers that the woman should concern benevolently not only people, but also to their lacks. However there are situations when the woman should defend. In that case, according to Clara Novikovoj, it is better to resort not to intrigues, and to humour. This rare female quality - to be simultaneously both ridiculous, and mysterious. It is possible to the national actress of Russia Clara Novikovoj favourite by all to the aunt to the Sleepyhead and simply happy grandmother easily.

RG : you already have two grandsons. What do they think of the star grandmother.

Novikova : What there a star. The daughter with the husband not so encourage, that children watched TV, so on the screen grandsons me do not see. I can not tell that I the good grandmother as it is not possible to give them a lot of time, but I always try to help them. By the way, more recently my daughter has given birth to one more son. So at me already three grandsons - I the happiest grandmother on light.  

RG : you now do not repent, what from - for the works were engaged in the daughter insufficiently?

Novikova : Till now from time to time Masha reproaches me with it. But it never was thrown. I know actresses who give the children to boarding schools. When my daughter was absolutely small, I carried it with myself on tour. When I had concerts, I prepared at night, erased, darned. The actor`s trade is very cruel under the relation both to you, and to your children. But I cannot on - to live to another, after all I am more than anything I am not able to do.

RG : By training Maria the theatrical critic. How concerns your creativity?

Novikova : My daughter and her husband are very far both from a platform, and from my creativity. They live in the world. And any display of platitude hate. Unfortunately, it is a lot of it on our platform. Therefore on variety concerts they do not go, and on their TV look extremely seldom. Masha me names a pop-music .

RG : It is known that your way to the big platform has begun with a victory at All-Union competition where you with young Gennady Hazanovym have divided the first award. What has brought to you national popularity?

Novikova : Having come on a platform, I have as though resulted with   itself many new female characters.   at that time among actors of my genre was a few women. There was remarkable Maria Mironov,   which played the strong woman with strong-willed character. And me - can be, in the protest - it would be desirable absolutely another. The self-assured girl,   has come quivering, not; which dreamt of other life, but did not know, how it to carry out. Understand, it was such touching, such lyrical heroine. People both laughed, and cried - to it it and was fell in love. And then I have played the picturesque Ukrainian woman, for the first time have played actresses, old women, the aunt the Sleepyhead …

RG : However, that your legendary aunt the Sleepyhead is a collected image?

Novikova : the Aunt the Sleepyhead are my parents, native and all those people who surrounded me since the childhood. It is that fadeless image of the inhabitant of Odessa which is perceived by audience not only as lines of the Jewish character. The aunt the Sleepyhead is a person with the opinion, with the sights, with the irony, he is the present Hadzha Nasreddin: that I see, I sing that I understand, I speak. By the way, it is mine unique the character who can argue on the politician, politicians or that occurs today in the country. I will notice that financial crisis   too has strongly knocked down my heroine. She constantly speaks about it at concerts, laments, it became difficult what to live that in all it is necessary to limit itself. But during too time notices that it the happy person - a pier, at me before was nothing, no, and will not be. It the optimist.

RG : Speak, after occurrence of your heroine on the screen of all Odessa characters began to name the aunt the Sleepyhead.  

Novikova : the Aunt the Sleepyhead became already a brand as businessmen would tell. Such people, as it, much. At me weight of acquaintances which optimists on life which have a opinion and they it state despite of everything. I consider that it is correct - better at once all to tell, rather than to keep all around.

RG : you have told that crisis has knocked down the aunt the Sleepyhead . And on you how on the actress, it has affected?

Novikova : I Will tell chetno, concerts became much less. If last year we knew, how many we will have performances the next months, now a full uncertainty. More recently one known organisation has offered me barter. On their plan, I should go with them for ten days to have a rest abroad, and in exchange -   free of charge for employees of this firm to act. From such offer I was simply in shock. If, someone agrees on such a variant is its right. But it is unacceptable for me, as I consider that any work should be paid.

RG : you often sing at the concerts. It is a craze or simply smothering demands a song?

Novikova : I do not ask the soul   - whether she wants to sing or not. I do not name myself the singer or the performer,   I simply sing. The song sets mood, a rhythm to a concert, in it there is a plot.

RG : Clara Borisovna, you have written the book My life . Plan to continue successful experience?

Novikova : the Book became very popular, therefore has been republished three times. In it I have told about the mutual relations with parents,   friends, colleagues, has much told about the family. Today I write one more book. While I can not it is exact   at all; to tell, when I will finish over it work. Time absolutely is not present, and literary work demands assiduity.

RG : Everywhere write that Clara Novikova - the winner, the national actress of Russia and in the end the second husband - the journalist . The first as though was not …        
Novikova : the First husband called Victor Novikov, we with it worked together.   He very much loved me. I have married it, but I this act would like to revenge our compere still. We had a mad novel, and was then found out that one acrobat is pregnant from it. And it has left to it, has thrown me, it is possible so to say. Then I have told to Novikovu that I will become his wife. A honeymoon have spent on tour. Has then informed parents that has married. For them it there was a shock! But I knew that to me will not allow to marry Novikova, therefore have informed a post factum. My daughter with me &hellip in the same way has then arrived;

RG :   Why you have not changed a surname when have married known journalist Yury Zerchaninova?

Novikova :   By then I was already known as Clara Novikova, this name became recognised. And the surname of Zerchaninova such long that in one poster was not located. And my husband with understanding has concerned it. It the known journalist and too did not become Yury Novikovym.

RG :   However, that the history of your happy marriage with Zerchaninovym has begun with interview to the future husband?

Novikova : Yury worked in magazine very popular at that time the Youth . He has called to agree about interview, and has simply fascinated me a surprising timbre of a voice. However, then, when has seen this person, has been a little disappointed, because has presented it absolutely on - to another. And it was the person with long hair and in a sweater to knees. But soon between us the novel has twirled.

RG : you 25 years together. In what a secret of family happiness?

Novikova : No secret is present. Simply at us an unusual family - the husband with the daughter lives in one apartment, and I live separately. But it does not mean that I live the life, on the contrary, I constantly call, I help them, I support a difficult minute. So it is convenient easier me - he has managed to understand and accept it, for what I am very grateful to it.

RG : Clara Borisovna, you often prepare for the family?

Novikova : to Prepare I adore! When there is time and it would be desirable - and for me the most important thing that it would be desirable, - I prepare. Any koronnogo, the family dish at me is not present, but always it turns out is very tasty. Before performance I try to eat practically because it will be then heavy to act. Only easy porridge on water and all. On tour usually I take with myself fruit. And houses in the refrigerator at me always are kefir, cottage cheese and buckwheat cereal.

Once   I met New year in the USA at svogo the brother. Has prepared madly tasty salads - Americans licked fingers literally this word. And still I have prepared vodka under the special recipe which has dispersed instantly though on a table there were liquors, whisky, fault. So do not trust when say that Russian drink most - actually we not most drinking nation. I was convinced of it personally.

RG :   How you have relations with colleagues on shop?

Novikova : With all actors with whom I had to work, for me   good relations. Friends? Well, friends in general does not happen much. I am on friendly terms with Emmanuilom Vitorganom,   Leonid Kanevsky. Well I communicate with Elena Vorobej. Sometimes we consult, we correct each other. I am engaged in for a long time already the business, and to settle scores with someone and to say that I am bad to someone I concern, it is silly. I can not accept someone categorically. And I will approach to the person is better and I will tell to it directly. I consider that I have already such right.

RG : We talk at Theatre of miniatures of Michael Zhvanetsky. That connects you with Michael Mihajlovichem?

Novikova : Huge love and improbable respect for it and its talent. As it seems to me, we very close people. Our theatre does not have performances. It is simple a certain generality of people. I come to theatre, I meet the playwrights, here I rehearse, and my director communicates with organizers of my concerts. Here we mark also any holidays.
RG : On the site you urge young authors to send you texts. Often write young talents?

Novikova : Here (shows on a table on which the folder with papers - the Comment of the author lies). These texts to me were sent by the girl who is perfect to nobody is known. When I read its first story,   it seemed to me that in it something is. Then I have called back to it and it was presented by Clara Novikovoj. She, certainly, at first to me has not believed, has thought that it is someone`s draw, but has then learnt me and has told: Give I will sit down .   We have talked to it and agree that it will send to me some more the compositions. Here I will read today.

And some years ago on one of my concerts the unknown person before young author Yury Sofin has brought to me the handwritten text. It was almost impossible to disassemble letters. I have there and then called back to it and have told to come to Moscow, to start to work with it. Today   monologues of Sofina execute the majority of our humorists. So I help young talented authors, and I will help further.  

RG : And how you estimate modern humour in Russia, Comedy Club, for example?

Novikova : In Comedy Club there are very talented children - incendiary, wild provokers. On this provocation to them public also comes. Once I was on shootings of their program. When I went to them thought that Pavel Volja will urge on me, as it did it with others. But he behaved as the present gentleman, many compliments have told to me. At us with it remarkable dialogue has turned out.

RG : That is, in the near future there can be a new creative duet - Clara Novikova and Pavel Volja?

Novikova : If   he has offered me, I would agree with pleasure.

RG : Agree what the best friends of girls are brilliants?

Novikova : I do not have brilliants, but there are many rings, chains, costume jewellery. I consider that any woman is simply obliged behind itself to watch and decorate. We do it not only for ourselves, but also for you - men.

RG : Means, shopping is too your theme?

Novikova : Madly I love shopping. Besides, things I buy not only, but also many my acquaintances. By the way, here only yesterday has bought to itself a new dress (shows on a dress - the Comment of the author ). As well as any woman,   in shop I relax. I love brendovye things, but it does not mean that if I will see, for example, a jacket from the unknown designer, I will not buy it. On the contrary, it is interesting to me to learn new names. Besides,   things of little-known designers are much cheaper, rather than popular trade marks.

RG : Can it is necessary to try to let out the fashion line?

Novikova : I do not want! It is known that such nominal things not so are in demand. Many examples when popular actors let out clothes, spirits, footwear with the name but to what good it did not spend. Creativity and business - things not compatible.

RG : Where prefer to spend a free time?

Novikova : Here now I sit with you, I give interview and I relax. I hate   to lie. Lying only I read and I sleep.

RG : Can be eat any favourite place or an institution?
Novikova : very much I love Jurmala. Usually after the termination of festival I remain in Latvia on days ten and I have a rest.

RG : How it is possible to you so is more tremendous to look?

Novikova : It is necessary to love simply people and every morning to wake up with good mood.

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  the National actress of Russia Clara Novikova was born and has grown in Kiev. Since the childhood the future star dreamt of a scene. In Kiev has finished studio estradnotsirkovogo arts, then the Moscow GITIS. Clara Novikova works at the Moscow theatre of miniatures over which Michael Zhvanetsky supervises. Tour routes Novikovoj lie on many countries of the world: from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus to the USA, Israel and Australia. Russia " conducted the program on TV channel; That the woman " wants;. The constant participant of the program the Notice and of some other comic programs.

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