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The Petersburg colony has met Russian athletes armature, nails and screws

Actors of power show have arrived on opening of club for prisoners. Alexander Muromsky`s group Russian athletes - champions of the book of records of Ginnesa to club opening in a corrective colony 5 St.-Petersburg were invited by the prior of prison church father Alexander.

- it would Seem, how power arts and religion can be connected? - He has asked, anticipating performance. - after such concerts at spectators   there is a desire to train, be wrung out. The person gives up smoking, to take alcoholic drinks, and it is already possible to talk to the sober person about god. So communication, certainly, is.

to Troy healthy fellows from group Russian athletes on a scene tore hot-water bottles, bent armature and laid down on a board,   stuffed with sharp nails. After that distances to cause a stir to one of prisoners. Herman Goretsky have asked   to bend a long screw as it just on a scene was done by members of group. When at the prisoner to make it it has not turned out, Alexander Muromsky has joked:

- That you all time caviar and meat remove Gera behind a table, only porridge eat. You it, Gera, throw.

the Remark has passed in a hall on hurrah . And in the end of performance the group has addressed to public already seriously:

- Where you would not be, all of you is equal citizens of the country, and it is not necessary to wait for clearing for playing sports, you can start to reconstruct yourselves already now. Think that you will do on freedom, after all freedom is the most important thing in human life.