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Anatoly Chubays: Existing terms of introduction of new workings out during 5 - simply kill 7 years

At meeting concerning interaction GK Rosnanoteh and the enterprises of the Sverdlovsk area, passing in Ekaterinburg, the head of region Edward Rosel has complained to the head of state corporation on nanotehnologijam to Anatoly Chubays of long terms of reception   licences and permissions to manufacture of innovative production. On it months and even years and   leave; only intervention of the president and   the prime minister - the minister helps to reduce a way from working out before project introduction in manufacture. And as an example has resulted history with the Ural insulin, which Ministry of Health long did not start up in life .

Anatoly Chubays has declared that in Rosnanoteh the group of experts, which   is created; Will study all legal standard base not only in pharmaceutics sphere, but also in other branches to find out that introduction of projects, and   brakes; on whom the destiny final decision nanotehnology depends.

- We intend to dig out completely all existing base of technical regulation to find out that us constrains. Existing terms of introduction of new workings out during 5 - simply kill 7 years, - head " has informed; Rosnanoteh .

He also has told that the group problem - to study all legislation, concerning introductions of innovative technologies, and within a year to prepare the offers.

- While there is an understanding of that our base legislative and legal institutes work not on support of innovative technologies, and on opposition, - Anatoly Chubays has declared.