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Hungarians have arrived to Ural Mountains to present wines, canned food and cellular telephones

In Average Ural Mountains the new Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Hungarian Republic in the Russian Federation Derd Gilian has visited. It is its first trip on the Russian regions, and it has successfully coincided with an anniversary of work of consulate of this country in Ekaterinburg.

Throughout last years Hungary among countries of Eastern Europe wins first place on volume of goods turnover with Sverdlovsk area and aspires to keep this leadership. Its export to Average Ural Mountains last year has made about nine millions dollars, and import - about 100 million (basically it is production black and nonferrous metallurgy and mechanical engineering). For comparison: goods turnover of Hungary with Russia last year has reached four billions dollars.

- the Regional statistics is inexact, - the head of the trade mission at embassy of the Hungarian Republic in the Russian Federation confirms Sjuch Has fallen. - The Hungarian goods to Ural Mountains bring through Moscow where they pass rastamozhivanie. This equipment of communication, mobile phones, medical preparations.

it is fast these goods, and also Hungarian fruit and a vegetable ­ nye canned food, fault, the sausages, the frozen products, electrohousehold appliances will rastamozhivat directly in Ural Mountains that will make them more attractively for local wholesalers and is cheaper for buyers.

Now in Ekaterinburg in frameworks the Hungarian days there passes wine presentation. As visitors have informed, the Hungarian wines became better as after privatisation of the state vineyards there was a considerable quantity small private vinodelcheskih economy which are compelled to compete among themselves. Now they unite for cooperation with the leading Russian importers, got used to deal in large lots wines.

One more sphere of cooperation - investments. The Hungarian banks, the enterprises and businessmen are ready to put means in building branch of Average Ural Mountains. In Ekaterinburg, for example, some houses are erected to their money. Besides, at a meeting of ambassadorial delegation with the governor and the chairman of the Sverdlovsk government the question of investments into road building, public health services, and, as far as it is known, was discussed the parties are happy with negotiations.