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The scheme of development of territory of business centre " is confirmed; Moscow - City

So happens that in the neighbourhood with the most modern part of the Russian capital - skyscrapers of the Moscow international business centre Moscow - City - the most thrown city territory, centre of sad warehouses and objects of municipal services settles down. After the scheme of development of the Big City, yesterday confirmed on session of the government of Moscow will be realised, this contrast remains in the past.

Other such huge areas what will appear here under new building, in Moscow for a long time any more does not remain. As the main architect of Moscow Alexander Kuzmin has reminded in the report, the territory of future Big City occupies more than thousand hectares, being a component of four administrative districts of capital - Central, Northern, Severo - Western and Western. It is located in rather attractive place - to a bend of the Moskva River, fine kinds to historical Moscow whence open. But beauty and uhozhennostju, to put it mildly, not bleshchet as till now here different substations, bus and trolleybus parks, fruit-and-vegetable bases, concrete factories traditionally settled down... In a word, all that is characteristic for any even not industrial, and an industrial zone. The greens only 4 percent from specifications, vacation spots have not enough, as the territory adjoining to the Moskva River, has no treatment facilities, roads - it is twice less than specifications.

Therefore the people living here, constantly are in a discomfort zone - Alexander Kuzmin has noted.

First of all the scheme of development of Big City assumes a conclusion therefrom the out-of-date enterprises. But it does not mean that the city will lose workplaces the first deputy of the mayor, the head of a complex of economic policy and a development of the city Yury Rosljak, on the contrary, has underlined, them will appear vpjatero more - 370 thousand instead of present 53 thousand. But they will be already absolutely others, these workplaces, - at the enterprises with an innovative orientation, high technologies, and also in sphere of small and average business. With that end in view from 20 million square metres of real estate which is supposed to be constructed in the Big City, the third part will be given under a construction office and is administrative - business centres and as much again - under floor spaces of the modern, non-polluting enterprises.

On change to shabby houses - and here 16 quarters 1 - 3 - floor houses, will construct about 7 million square metres of new comfortable housing estates as commercial building, and for moving of inhabitants of out-of-date habitation. And all new areas will be under construction in a complex, with necessary quantity of schools, kindergartens, objects of cultural and social appointment that here was never. Quays of the Moskva River will become covered by new parkways and squares. And grandiose road building in which course it is planned to erect about 36 kilometres of new lines, will make the Big City accessible of any point of capital., In particular, northern doubler of the Kutuzovsky prospectus who will pass from the Fourth transport ring (around street Minsk) to the Third transport ring, and also with that end in view is supposed to construct a number of roads which will connect two coast of the Moskva River and the areas located on them, radial sheaves.

Will approach to the Big City and underground. To its unique branch approaching now to MMDTS, two will be added more - the Hodynsky line (a prime site 3 - go a transfer contour) - MMDTS Moscow - City - Savelovsky from electrodepot and the Kalininsky line - Tretjakovsky - MMDTS Moscow - City .

the Question on when the accepted scheme can be realised, did not rise yesterday at all. To answer it, it is enough to remember that investors master 60 hectares MMDTS already more than ten years. Now it is a question of one thousand hectares, besides during universal financial crisis. On the other hand, as the deputy of the Moscow municipal duma Michael Moskvin - Tarhanov when in the early nineties the creation project " only was considered has reminded yesterday; Moscow - City was a lot of doubting in that, what for it in general is necessary to the Russian capital. But now, when the city has laid down for itself the aim to transform Moscow in the international financial centre, all infrastructure necessary for it already is. Besides on 5 - 7 percent of territory of Big City as Alexander Kuzmin has noted, works can be begun though today - is already and design - the budget documentation, and the investors, wishing to put up money.