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The budget of the Sochi buildings will be defined by the end of February

By the spring all items of expenses of the winter Olympic Games in Sochi will be accurately defined. Then it will be possible to return to a question on redistribution of means on objects, the auditor of Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Piskunov has explained yesterday to journalists.

While exact figures, in Olympic Games preparation, no how many will manage. Piskunov has underlined that designing of some objects is not finished yet and their price is not defined. As he said, if and further to continue to spend a large quantity of examinations it can lead to loss of rates and unnecessary costs. So now examinations will operatively spend. And to those who brakes work, will apply disciplinary actions up to dismissal.

the Auditor has found it difficult to tell, whether will get in the list of budgetary sequestering the Olympic program. Anyway at state corporation Olimpstroj Necessarily there should be a reserve of means and while it is, Piskunov has underlined. As to investors some of them have really appeared in a difficult situation from - for the debts, the auditor considers. Though refusals of them was not. To facilitate their position on buildings in Sochi, the decision on support of these companies the WEB OHM was accepted. Now, Piskunov has noted, there is an adjustment of the mechanism of comprehensible crediting.

the Auditor ascertained that rates and volumes of an expenditure of means have appeared more low, than it was expected. However superfluous expenditure it is not fixed yet. However, to estimate efficiency of use of money it will be possible only after delivery of objects. Anyway in Audit Chamber the program of through check of all Olympic objects for some years forward is developed. To each auditor will be it is cut responsibility sphere that there was no crossing on objects, Piskunov has told. System of tracing of a situation including with the help the web - chambers, is planned to start by the end of the year.