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Dostal, the Penalty and Gusman were a part of secretary of the Union of cinematographers of the Russian Federation

Secretary of the Union of cinematographers of the Russian Federation it is selected on the first plenum of board of the union, passing in the cinema House on Wednesday.

its structure included directors Nikolay Dostal, Yury Kara, Alexander Mitta, Elena Tsyplakov, July Gusman, and also a script writer Valentine Chernyh, the director of a museum of cinema Naum Klejman, film critic Andrey Plahov and others. Besides, under charter SK the Russian Federations automatically are included into secretary presidents of Guilds of the Union whom is 12, and also representatives of large regional branches. The secretary anyway includes the chairman of the Union and its assistants.

Also during discussion the offer has arrived to accept in structure of secretary of young cinematographers. Gathered have voted for two nominees of actors - Igor Petrenko and Konstantin Habensky.

In turn, a script writer Valentine Chernyh has suggested to include Nikita Mikhalkov`s nominee in this list. However this idea at the gathered has not received the positive response.// RIA Novosti news agency