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30 years to the Romance about enamoured

Konchalovsky on questions parried questions ( And at you - that as with private life? ) Also it was serene, as found immortality daos:

- When it is enamoured, the world sparkles mnogotsvetem when the love leaves, life becomes black - white. With love, its paints life leaves soul also. The world in which we live, it is black - white more often. Also has carried that who though for ten minutes saw its colour. And the most difficult in life that the world remained colour longer. About it the Romance about enamoured as well as other my films...

- It is said that in the scenario the protagonist died of love...

- Yes, but we have altered it. Because if the person dies of love it or is sick, or it was fallen down by a heart attack. And on a broader scale - that the death from love is a metaphor! However, Raphael Santi has died of love, more precisely, from sex. But it is different things. Chekhov has a remarkable phrase: they have fallen in love with each other, have got married and lived for long is unhappy. One business - to fall in love, another - to love. It is an arduous toil! Eugene Grigoriev who has written the scenario the Romance about enamoured could not attach it anywhere because it has been written by a blank verse. Whether a parody, whether imitation Shakespeare.

It was heavy time in the USSR: thaw has come to an end, and I was young, loved fate - n - a beater, motorcycles, long hair and jeans. All that then forbade us. I remember, how Bertolucci, having looked at our picture in Rome, to me with the big grief has noticed: Andrey, what you has done? You have shot absolutely bourgeois picture . However, the film has received Gran - at on most communistic a film festival - in Karlovy Vary.

Perhaps, Konchalovsky also did not understand that has removed the first for our men of the seventies deprived of the western music and a counterculture, a picture where party, Lenin and Komsomol could not confront with individualist aspirations of two future builders of communism in any way - Sergey and Tanechki. They sang, drank, sumasbrodili, and all house which was watching this at all Vest - sajdskoj history, became more human, as if having passed a difficult rehabilitation course at the main psychotherapist of mankind - love.

- to shoot such picture today, many money is necessary, and me now the classics more interests. I want to work at theatre with more serious company: Chekhov, Shakespeare, Strindberg. At cinema all became differently.

- Therefore in Cannes we have shown nothing in competition?

- the Russian cinema, by the way, as well as western, endures now the big problems. The new generation has meaningly broken link with tradition. Tarantino removes to Kill Bill - plagiarism on the Chinese cinema - not without reason because in the European culture all is emasculated. In Russia have disorganised hire, the spectator has sat down at the TV, the youth wants to watch the American film, the part of directors shoots cult pictures for the, narrow circle, the wide spectator they do not interest.

And more: Russia has lost appeal to the West. When there was Soviet Union, it seemed to the West that behind the Iron Curtain surprising things were created. And now all has opened. It as with the woman. While it only shows a leg - the imagination plays, and to remain interesting, having bared completely is to very few people it is possible, it is necessary to have qualities much. The same happens and with our cinema.