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Petersburg. The rating of souvenirs

On the second place on popularity among tourists is Nikolay Nekrasov. As sellers of gift shops assume, this strange choice speaks at least two factors: in - the first, worked in the best traditions of a souvenir popular print the poet - the democrat is more likely similar to the Kaluga muzhik, than on the classic of the literature and its pride; in - the second, hurrying even on rest foreign visitors the knowledge of the country receive mainly from the advertising booklets made of an oil cake of school textbooks of the edition 70 - h years where Nekrasov by tradition eclipses many not less talented writers. Its images ( the Frost, the Red nose Eremushka thoughtful peasants) it is easy, as a dietary cocktail, keep within in consciousness of foreigners. Happens that Nekrasov confuse to Dostoevsky, but sellers, without wishing to mislead buyers, unpopular Feodor Mihajlovicha`s images do not extend.

Further in a rating there are the samovars painted under zhostovskie trays and hohlomu. Many tourists consider that from such samovars Russian merchants drank exclusively hot vodka, and more widely-read visitors insist on champagne. After purchase of a samovar visitors take palehskie caskets and down scarfs. Separate interest them is called by military subjects: Russia, they consider, Pushkin`s native land and militarism. Take peak-caps, measure them, with smiles are photographed and carry home - to put on a case. The same situation with budennovkami, caps with ear-flaps - their tourists assotsiirujut with bears. Uniforms of the Soviet army call interest only collectors and youth, people of pension age do not buy them - whether because of dearness, whether feel that it is search. Take stripped vests, massive soldier`s belts, look narrowly at boots from present kirzy.

the Keen interest is called by busts of revolutionary leaders, when - that in large quantities issued by the powerful Soviet industry. The well-known Trinity - Lenin, Marx and Stalin in compact execution (to take without a superfluous payment for luggage and not to overstrain) - raises sweet smiles at foreigners. According to the tourist from Germany, they are similar on smooth plaster slonikov - in a word, nice ornaments of a desktop. Seeing such interest to history, manufacturers have thrown out on the souvenir market of St.-Petersburg Hitler`s amusing figures, including in matreshechnom a variant. But have miscalculated: the Fuhrer has appeared at the very end of a rating of memorable bagatelles - probably, at tourists and without similar suvenirchikov good memory.