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EEP: the code of four

the Decision on necessity of activization of interaction within the limits of the four was accepted hardly more year back. Today at EEP already there is the accepted frame agreement, actively working Group of high level and desire of presidents to move further.

Yesterday in the Livadijsky palace brought the first results. With the done work of the head of the states are obviously happy. the almost synchronously frame agreement has been ratified by parliaments of our countries. It speaks about much - Vladimir Putin has noticed. Besides, for this year the complex of the basic measures on realisation of this agreement has been developed, the technical project is prepared and, at last, the plan of work which provides preparation of several tens international agreements is countenanced. Concerning that, how much it will be considered documents, presidents in indications have dispersed . According to Vladimir Putin, them will be nearby 30. Alexander Lukashenko named 61, and Leonid Kuchma has lifted a lath to 100 documents.

Is not present while at heads of the states and a common opinion with what to begin the second stage of integration. It has appeared that priorities at us different, - were ascertained by Noursultan Nazarbayev. - it seems to me that we should begin formation of the uniform customs and transport unions . The president of Kazakhstan is assured that it will help the four to put forward uniform conditions at accession to WTO.

the Ukrainian party continues to insist, it is necessary what to begin with creation of a full-scale zone of free trade without withdrawals and restrictions. According to Leonid Kuchma, for this purpose it will be enough limited to only thirteen documents: Therefore quite really to finish their coordination in the first quarter 2005 .

At Vladimir Putin other position - to the beginning of 2006 at desire of all parties it will be possible to leave on concrete arrangements on the majority of questions of principle, including carrying out of the co-ordinated foreign trade policy, formation of the general custom duties and the uniform competitive environment. He also considers that it is necessary to create uniform regulating body.

As a result presidents have come to a common opinion that is necessary to prepare 61 agreement and more about 50 statutory acts. The president of the Russian Federation hopes that all will manage to be collected them in the uniform economic code or constitution EEP. And documents should be norm of direct action.

the Four will gather again in the middle of September in capital of Kazakhstan to Astana where the high level Group will present projects of documents. Experts hoped that they will have time till the end of the year. But this term has been cut by half. the Problem on the complexity the enormous. But we will try - the minister of the industry and power of the Russian Federation Victor Khristenko who represents Russia in this group has declared after end of negotiations.

With Victor Khristenko all four presidents agree. in particular, in Ukraine separate political forces render considerable counteraction to this process - Leonid Kuchma has explained complexities which it faces at home. Critics were responded by Vladimir Putin: I Want to underline that we together create uniform space. That there was no wrong understanding that someone where - that tightens someone . Alexander Lukashenko, seemingly, acted this time in a role of the main optimist: We accurately understand that our happiness here - in EEP .