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In Makhachkala the gas pipeline

approximately in the same place a gas pipeline thread also is blown again up Several months ago has suffered.

Therefore after yesterday`s explosion at once have started talking about diversion. This initial version later has received indirect acknowledgement. The investigated edges of a pipe in an explosion place have appeared are bent inside that bore to the external factor of influence.

As has declared a source in UFSB across Dagestan: We purely visually can already tell with 90 - percentage probability that on a gas pipeline there was a diversion. On a place the characteristic funnel " was formed;.

As a result of failure on a gas pipeline in Dagestan gas giving to Azerbaijan is stopped. Also without gas supply have appeared about 600 thousand inhabitants of Makhachkala and suburbs.

Yesterday`s explosion became the next act of terrorism, about its preparation from pages the Internet - a site of insurgents was broadcast by the main Dagestan extremist Rappani Halilov. Recently murders of law enforcement officers and diversion on socially significant objects in Dagestan have become frequent, but the information on perfect loud crimes widely is not duplicated by the republic authorities. For example, about murder of employee UFSB across Dagestan many days became known later only. Probably, to it senseless enough actions of Wahhabites speak, such as gas pipeline explosion - to hide it it is impossible, and loud actions are necessary to them.