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The British brigade will replace Spaniards

If the USA do not mind, then Forin offis considers it necessary to give to Frenchmen, Germans and Russians real possibility to state the opinion on the project .

While London is going to send this week to Iraq about three thousand British marines and an armoured part. They should take over the control of the area left the Spanish contingent, deduced of Iraq. Thus, the aggregate number of the British armies in this country will reach 10 thousand persons.

the Main leader of the Iraq occupation US president George Bush has begun yesterday a series of performances in which he is going to explain to the American people an essence of the policy in Iraq. The propaganda voyage it has begun with army military college to Carlisle Berraks (State of Pennsylvania). Before military cadets Bush has in details stated the plan of political settlement in Iraq.

According to this plan Washington and London already have extended yesterday among councillors of Security of the United Nations the draught project of the new resolution across Iraq. The USA intend to accelerate also negotiations with Iraqis concerning formation of provisional government and to get support of other countries in country safety. The American side counts that in new revolution of Security council creation questions in Bagdad the representative government and its mutual relations with foreign armies, and also United Nations roles will be reflected.

Concerning quiet conditions remain in the second for the importance for Shiits the sacred city of Kerbela. There after a week of active fights the relative calm was established.

The continuation scandal round a member of Time operating advice of Iraq (VUSI) and the leader of the Iraq national congress (INK) has received also Ahmed Chalabi accused by Americans in espionage in favour of Iran.

Chalabi has demanded from the USA material indemnification for drawing to it material and mental cruelty at search carrying out in its house and a staff - apartment INK. In the claim put forward personally against the head of administration of the USA in Iraq Pola Bremera and registered in one of courts of Boston on May, 20th, lawyers of Chalabi accuse CIA, FBI and the Iraq police of the illegal actions, caused a damage to the Iraq politician. Plaintiffs demand from the USA immediately to return the property grasped at a search and to denounce an encroachment on the civil rights of the client.

Leader INK has declared also that is ready to give evidences of oath in the congress of the USA but that together with it at hearings the director of CIA George Tenet has acted. From giving the Snare, Chalabi considers, in mass-media the information that the Iraq politician has been connected with the Iranian special services has been started.

the Search in the house of Chalabi and the staff - apartment INK has been spent during data gathering for discredit of the Iraq politician of which the administration of the USA tries to make a whipping boy for miscalculations and conjectures of investigation, the Pentagon and State department in preparation for occupation of Iraq. Washington accuses Chalabi that it supplied the USA obviously with false information.


While head of the White house tries to support the reeled reputation by means of new propaganda campaign, in Iraq the American armies were got involved again in violent fighting with local insurgents.

Dzhi - ah Attacked northern suburbs of the sacred Shiit city of En - Nadzhafa, for the first time during occupation having made spot-check in the centre the Ale - Kufy - a stronghold of radical Shiit leader Muktady the expert - Sadra. As a result, under the American data, 32 insurgents " have been killed; Armies Mahdi in one of mosques the armoury is found out. According to physicians from unique city hospital, after night spot-check to them 10 corpses and 11 persons with gunshot wounds have arrived. Not clearly, a leah these people insurgents or the civilians who have suffered during intrusion were.