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Kasparov against Putin

Special session has been dated for Vladimir Putin`s forthcoming visit to the USA for participation in sessions G8 from June, 8 till June, 10th in Si - Ajlend, the State of Georgia. The hearings devoted to observance of the civil rights and respect of the law in Russia at Putin, have been organised by the Helsinki commission of the congress of the USA into which 9 senators and 9 congressmen, representing both parties enter. The chairman of the Commission - congressman Christopher Smith. According to tradition, committee-men invite known experts to familiarise with their opinions. In this case as such experts have acted the former world champion on chess and the chairman Committee 2008. A free choice Harry Kasparov and the president of the American university in Moscow and media - groups Continent USA Edward Lozansky.

Harry Kasparov in the performance sharply criticised a present situation in Russia and advertised the committee:

- I want to inform to Americans simple thought: a problem Committee 2008 - to save institute of elections, - Kasparov has told. - Putin to follow the constitutional norms does not test any desire. Therefore it is possible to expect any changes in the Constitution which guarantee to it either new term, or the lifelong power.

Kasparov has urged America to spend the tough policy similar to those which president Reagan applied in relation to the USSR concerning Russia, and completely to reconsider the position in relation to Putin.

I hope, - Kasparov has declared, - that will cease to start up Putin on the seven ...

- on the eight! .

- the Eight is the Russian invention. It was advance payment of the West to Yeltsin. Russia - economically not developed country in which there are no democratic standards.

- you consider, what Americans with it agree?

- Americans understand it better, than one year ago. Now they engaged in by own affairs, first of all elections. And human rights in Russia for them are not a priority. But America will not close this subject, and these hearings will certainly influence the American position.

With Harry Kasparov`s position other expert who has acted at hearings - Edward Lozansky does not agree.

- Edward in what, particularly, you do not agree with Kasparov?

Almost in everything, but mainly that the impression is made that, despite the obvious genius and fast mind, Harry does not realise two major historical moments. First it that Russia with all its lacks is not Soviet Union, and also that Russia is necessary to America as the ally in fight against terrorism and the decision of power problems. To urge America to follow the lead at the moment of Reagan, at least, fondly. Present Russia not only is not the deadly enemy of America and a free world with whom was the USSR, but, let and not ideal, but the partner and even the ally in fight against terrorism.

Reagan has set a problem for America to achieve communism defeat, and at that time it there was rather laudable purpose. Without false modesty I will tell that I took in it active part and at me many letters are stored in archives with Reagan`s personal gratitude. However at the moment from geopolitical reasons America should be interested not in easing of Russia, and in its economic prosperity and stability. Therefore from my point of view Kasparov`s appeals to the congress, at least, are inappropriate.

- you could add that when you struggled with communism, Kasparov was a member of the CPSU - the organisations, completely not friendly to America and a free world and considering Reagan the main enemy.

- I would not like to become personal. Harry was then young and membership in the CPSU probably was necessary for it from any career reasons. At that time it was done by many, and not to us it to judge. But, anyhow, it turns out that distracting from the main calling - chess, it appears often on the wrong party of barricades.

- But nevertheless, a leah you agree with Kasparov`s estimation what occurs in Russia?

- Certainly, in its critic there are any certain moments, but and here America? Harry has created the new political organisation, which purpose to struggle for change of usages and the authorities in Russia. Fine, let in it also is engaged, but this purely in-Russian business, and it should occur without participation of America. In the statement to the congress, opposing Kasparov, I have noticed that the public criticism of the USSR at the time of communism was a natural part of our ideological confronting. The white house and the congress, the Voice of America and Free Europe numerous human rights organisations did the big and important work, showing infringements of fundamental laws of the Soviet people which did not have possibilities to do it without threat to appear in prison or psychiatric hospital.

During the present time when the Russian citizens can freely express the opinion create political parties, publish newspapers and books, to go abroad and use many other freedom, they more do not need such intervention. Intellectual level of Russians and their education allow to solve him, they want to live in what country and what to choose the president. Therefore America needs to abstain from moralization and the more so active support of any one political party or committee. Instead we should concentrate the efforts to joint programs, such as fight against terrorism, projects in the field of power, ecology, space research, scientific, educational and cultural exchanges, etc. Considering the most complicated situation in the world, Russia is necessary to America as the reliable partner and the ally even if it has lacks of democracy development.

- Nevertheless Kasparov in America has a support. So, the Committee on the international relations of the House of Representatives of the congress has voted recently for an exception of Russia from G8 as that is demanded by Kasparov.

- I Guarantee to you that this initiative is doomed to a total failure. Committee voting has only recommendatory character and most likely will be rejected by full structure of the House of Representatives. Moreover, key congressmen have assured me that speaker Denis Hastert at all will not present it on voting as the overwhelming majority of Congressmen and the White house do not support this initiative. I already wrote that behind advancement of this resolution there are certain lobbist structures which work at all from idealistic reasons and for anybody is not a secret who pays in it. I saw these lobbyists when they turned round Kasparov during the Helsinki hearings. They, of course, have not bad earned, but from the point of view of customers this money has been thrown out on a wind.

Recently in Moscow in publishing house the International relations there was my book devoted to lobbyism in the USA.

In this book I have tried to explain, how various ethnic communities influence formation external and internal policy of the USA. I also have tried to make some recommendations about creation the Russian lobby in America which, unfortunately, is not present till now that influences negatively process of improvement of relations between Russia and the USA and creations of a full and mutually advantageous alliance between two countries.