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The Pskov administration has won court

is extremely short a problem essence it is possible to express so: a leah the chief of central administrative board on affairs of civil defence and area emergency situations should, the person the military man to be simultaneously the assistant to the head of administration of area and to be appointed to this post, no less than to be released from it, the order of the head of administration of area in coordination with the minister of the Russian Federation of civil defence affairs, emergency situations and liquidation of consequences of acts of nature.

the Law of the Pskov area confirms such order. However it has been challenged by Office of Public Prosecutor in court. The Pskov regional court has satisfied the public prosecutor`s statement for a recognition contradicting the federal legislation, not operating and not subject to execution this article of the regional law. The judicial board on civil cases of the Sovereign court of the Russian Federation has left the appeal of administration of the Pskov area without satisfaction, and the decision of regional court without change, i.e. has confirmed its position. Apparently, someone has confused, what the head of regional rescuers, being the personnel military man of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, it will appear vested with the rights zamglavy regional administrations, and well as will start to supervise over all affairs in area?

However the administration of the Pskov area has disagreed with such treatment and was converted into the Constitutional court, believing that chief GO and CHS areas has been appointed to the post zamglavy lawfully, within the area competence as subject of the Russian Federation, and courts of law are not right in the estimations.

the Constitutional court has considered case in a public meeting and has established that head of regional management of affairs GO and CHS is the federal official and is appointed, accordingly, federal structure. Struggle against natural, technogenic and other accidents, and also acts of nature, epidemics concerns conducting as the governments of the Russian Federation, and administrations of subjects of the Russian Federation because only by joint actions of local executive powers of the power and federal divisions the unity of the constitutional purposes can be provided. Therefore the main court of the country has established that the part the second articles 16 of the considered law of the Pskov area does not contradict the Constitution of the Russian Federation. In other words, chiefs of controls on affairs of civil defence and emergency situations can be appointed and assistants to heads of corresponding enforcement authorities with investment with their corresponding rights as other duties are not assigned to them, except the organisation of civil defence and protection of the population and territories from emergency situations of natural and technogenic character, or coordination of activity of bodies of the public power, the organisations and officials in these spheres. Distribution of their rights to this area is compatible to the status of the military man of armies of civil defence and responds the nature of the given post.