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Three models officer novosely

the Familiar captain of 1 rank, unsuccessfully having staid in turn on reception of apartment twenty five years, has written the official report on dismissal and later 11 months became the owner of the newcomer dvushki in Zelenograd. This sad story with the happy end is especially characteristic from the first part. Even the president has been urged to recognise that in Russia there was a paradoxical situation when the officer can count on reception of own habitation only after the service termination.

the File.

Today need habitation of 164 thousand families of military men. 136 thousand from them are registered beskvartirnymi, and 30 thousand need improvement of living conditions.

As the government is going to solve housing problem of officers and ensigns? Before to answer this question, we will understand, about whom there is a speech.

Who will rise in turn?

Beskvartirnyh of military men can be divided today conditionally into three categories - those to whom the length of service allows to be transferred the next years to the reserve; those who else should serve to pension; and at whom the service only begins.

As to the first obligations to them the government thinks to repay at the expense of granting of habitation for constant residing within the limits of the current legislation . In other words, to potential military pensioners of the Minister of Defence or will construct (will buy) apartment, or will partially pay the state housing certificate. Program GZHS in 1998 - has already helped to provide 2003 with habitation more than 50 thousand military families. This year certificates can realise more than seven thousand military men. The program will operate still at least six years.

the First lucky beggars can already celebrate house warming in 2008. Such, under forecasts of experts, it will be typed about twenty thousand or third of everything participating in a mortgage.

Officers and ensigns, to whom on a demobilisation rather early (the government has carried to this category of the military men who have concluded the contract after January, 1st, 1998), too are not forgotten - for them it is planned to expand fund of so-called office habitation, t. e the apartments given in time using. Now this fund totals 146 thousand apartments. Experts have counted up that till 2015 in Armed forces it is necessary to have 334 thousand more office apartments as a whole to type 480 thousand - akkurat on the declared number of officers and ensigns. In the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation say that first of all office habitation will build in the closed military camps for parts of constant readiness and the divisions completed with contract employees.

to Whom will open a personal bill?

As to tomorrow`s lieutenants, that, since 2005, for them will earn nakopitelno - mortgage system of maintenance with habitation. Its essence is in brief that: annually on a personal bill of the military man the sum equivalent to approximate cost of three square metres of habitation will be listed.

When the government only represented the new scheme on court of the president and military men, it was a question of 30 thousand roubles. At last cabinet council of ministers figure have a little corrected - 11 thousand 800 roubles for a square or taking into account planned inflation of 37 thousand roubles for three metres. Thus, consider in the government, the sum of accumulation for 20 years of service will allow each officer and the ensign after dismissal to buy own habitation. And if the military man would like to celebrate house warming it can already make it after three years after the beginning of deductions - the main thing that they have sufficed on payment of 30 percent of cost of habitation. Duties on payment of the remained credit are incurred by the state. You want to receive apartment in more size and is more comfortable, - add own money under the preferential rate. The schedule of payments will construct in such a manner that in the first years it is necessary to pay less (we will tell, three hundred roubles a month), and in the last at payment of the credit the sum can reach thousand - ones and a half in a month. But it is necessary to consider that also the salary of the officer thus will grow. Even if its years for ten will not raise neither in a rank, nor in a post (that with young lieutenants happens extremely seldom), the icon setting will rise thanks to a length of service.

How much it is necessary to add?

the Means arriving on nominal memory bills, will be indexed. In the government say that the factor will not be rigidly adhered to, say, dollar exchange rate. It will calculate under special schemes, like operating market indexes. The main condition that as a result in twenty years to the military man has sufficed on apartment in 54 square metres.

More patient can wait as early as five years. Then they should pay nothing. But they (the same as and trehgodichniki ) Can buy apartment from calculation on the average 42 square metres. If will want habitation more - again it is necessary to pay extra.

At last, it is possible to wait as it is possible longer. The more will run, the it will be better habitation. In twenty years solid enough sum will collect. Moreover, the officer can grant at will in addition to state payments the certain sum from the savings. So treasured 54 square metres is yet a limit.

the First lucky beggars can already celebrate house warming in 2008. Such, under forecasts of experts, it will be typed about twenty thousand or third of everything participating in a mortgage. By 2030 their number can increase to 800 thousand. But to use this program while officers who will arrive on service after January, 1st, 2005 can only. The rests (that is to all present officers) should wait...

Whom take in a share?

Lodging money will receive not only the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, but also other departments where the military service is provided. For example, Internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB of Russia, other departments. Small specification: military men will participate in the program only. Those who is equal to them, - are not present.

Theoretically soldiers and sergeants of contract service too can apply for habitation. Moreover, room will add also it. But use this money they can only after the conclusion of the third contract, that is approximately through seven - nine years of service. But also here variants are possible. We will admit, the person has begun service with private soldiers, and has a year or two from now ended courses and became the officer. Means, it can already ask the price of habitation.

Pluses of this nakopitelno - mortgage system that the officer can become the move-in, without waiting dismissals. And it is possible to locate in any point of the country. Restriction only one - the prices for habitation in each concrete city. After all in calculation average cost of apartment undertakes. It is clear that in Moscow or St.-Petersburg square metres cost much more expensive. But if the person agrees to pay in addition - please.

Room will drip irrespective of, a leah the person had habitation to service in army, a leah has bought already apartment or not. It is not obligatory to it to become attached to a service place. It is possible to buy apartment in other region where the officer wants to live on pension and while ministers - to rent it. And in a part to it will give office apartment. In general, variants - weight.

Minuses that at calculation the concrete structure of a family is not considered. Though you the father - the hero, though an inveterate bachelor, the sum one. But it is compensated to that apartment it is not necessary to wait long, and settlement metric area decent. Other minus - the program does not concern those who already ministers. Though leave and conclude the contract on - new.


Till now all social problems of military men (increase of salaries, maintenance with habitation) dared at the expense of reduction of other articles, for example, at purchase of arms and technics. Now will be not so. Additional money is allocated For this program. In 2005 it is required 1 billion 30 million budgetary roubles, in 2006 - 2009 - in addition on 2 billion annually, in 2009 - 2029 - on one billion a year. The maximum sum should be spread after 2024: about 20 billion roubles.

money will be stored on an abacus of specially created controls by system. However, while it does not have name, and its projects are washed very away.

will Serve bills a network of the authorised banks. Which - it is not solved yet. But the network will be stretched on all country. So if the officer will buy apartment in Moscow, and to minister will go, let us assume, to Chita to pay additional payments (if they are) can and there. The Most important thing that a fate of investors the Lords or MMM military men obviously does not expect.

Questions, questions...

But how to be, if the officer, hardly having received apartment, ahead of schedule terminates the contract from the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation? Authors of the bill explain: in this case the owner of habitation should extinguish the sum of a mortgage loan from personal means. Besides, it will be necessary to return to the state the means listed on the personal bill.

If the military man will leave army with a period of service less than ten years it will lose the right to reception of memory means. Dismissal with a period of service from ten till twenty years for a good reason (orgshtatnye and a state of health) the saved up money does not deprive actions, but it is necessary to be engaged in apartment purchase independently. But after 20 years of fair service each military man can get habitation of the raised comfort.

If you have got apartment in the property, but service affairs urge to change a residence, be not stirred: on a new place to you are obliged to give office habitation.