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Militia washes hands

Attempt to appeal to militia which could provide calling of the acting administration appointed the Central Bank, has ended with anything. The loud statement of the first deputy of the chairman of the Central Bank Andrey Kozlova has not helped even that Sodbiznesbank is occupied by the armed people.

Many have regarded a position of militia a minimum as strange. Especially against the numerous facts when employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs showed excessive office eagerness, acting in a role of power support of arguing commercial structures.

Why then the militia has not gone on storm of the rebelled bank?

- In my opinion, the situation from the legal point of view absolutely transparent, - considers lawyer Igor Shubko who had to represent time and again interests of the clients in similar conflicts. - There are acts in which it is accurately registered, in what cases law enforcement officers can get on private territory and especially to apply force. As far as I understand, in this case such bases at them was not.

- Why then the militia participates in property repartition, providing so-called calling on objects?

- about what you speak, that`s a thing of the past. I doubt, that today any militian chief has given the order to storm factory at the desire of one of conflicting parties as for it it is possible to lose in no time an epaulet. The contradictory parties understand that this sort of services simply so do not appear. Time of a legal lawlessness has passed. To carry out power penetration on the enterprise, it is necessary to have a judgement in which it is accurately registered that your opponents are forbidden to make to your any difficulties.

But also in such cases power support to you will be provided with court enforcement officers. The militia, as a rule, is involved as a preventive measure.

- That is if in bank pogrom the militia there would rush has begun?

- I would tell differently: if the offence there is made. But it does not mean that the militia thus will provide pass on a workplace of new administration. For this purpose there are judicial executors.

last years the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has undertaken a number of the measures directed on excluding participation of militia in economic disputes. Business has reached that to private security contracts with the problem organisations have forbidden to conclude. The situation has improved, and so that employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs prefer not to interfere with the conflict even then when such intervention, by sight the inhabitant, is necessary.