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Invasion of mutants

the Russian market - not an exception, in it as in a mirror, world tendencies are reflected. Genetically modified products have captivated the whole world literally. So, the share transgene grain in total amount of their export by the North America nowadays exceeds 35 percent, and genetically modified meat in export from the EU countries reaches 2/ 3. It is necessary to notice that these goods on the average for 20 percent are cheaper than traditional analogues that complicates competitiveness of the last. Thus North American grain nowadays makes almost 60 percent of world trade by these goods, and the general share of meat and mjasoizdely from the North America and the Western Europe in the world market exceeds 40 percent.

In the North America and the EU countries where periodically it is forbidden or internal sale of the transgene goods is limited, their export is in every possible way stimulated. According to foreign sources, about half of genetically modified foodstuffs comes true in developing and the former socialist countries. It is known, for example, that in deliveries the humanitarian help from the USA and EU in our country in 1991 - 1996 the share of such products reached 35 - 40 percent.

At least half domestic mjasopererabotki from the middle 1990 - h uses years the almost exclusively West European and North American raw materials. First of all it on the average on a quarter is cheaper domestic and from the near abroad. The exact data about, a leah is in overseas the raw materials genetically modified production and what its share, are not present either at departments, or at the enterprises. But there are expert estimations of experts minselhoza on genetic to import of vegetables and fruit from the North America and EU: in total amount of fruit-and-vegetable import therefrom a mid-annual share genetics Nowadays makes 30 - 40 percent.

it is not necessary to think that transgene products are dumped exclusively in our country and the near abroad. Manufacturers of such products do everything to make the way and on other markets. It not so is simple: in many countries manufacture and sale of transgene products are forbidden or strictly limited, Japan, China concern them, the countries of Scandinavia, the republic of South Africa, but factories of mutants take quantity and cheapness of the goods. At them a powerful lobby both in America, and in Europe. So, Bruxelles last week has countenanced sale of one of versions of genetically modified corn. This step means the actual termination 6 - the summer moratorium on working out and use of products with application of genetically modified organisms (GMO), cancelled EU in July, 2003 under the pressure of the USA.

According to the Australian and Argentina sources, North American zernopostavshchiki for distribution of genetically modified wheat (GMP) it is frequent dempingujut that, for example, has essentially limited possibilities of export of wheat to Australia and Argentina.

However, and manufacture GMP develops in France, Italy, the Netherlands - first of all from - for limitations in these countries of areas under crops, but also local sale of such production is limited. As to export, that, under the available information, export GMP from the mentioned countries in 2003 has increased as a whole by a quarter, and during the current year - for 20 percent. Differently, GMP complicates a competition in wheat world market if is more exact, it became effective the weapon against competitors.

It is impossible to tell that the authorities in Russia it is indifferent look on genetic expansion the market. By the Russian legislation, in the country it is possible to use products with application GMO, but it is impossible to develop own H`M - grades and to grow up transgene plants. And since June, 1st, 2004 all foodstuff in which the maintenance H`M - raw materials exceeds 0,9 percent, also are subject to obligatory marks. But to struggle with a dumping in the foodstuffs market there is all more difficultly, and thereupon high hopes are assigned to our accession to WTO.