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George Bush`s five steps

Work on a rating

Political strategists from Bush`s pre-election staff expect to switch thus attention of the public from last failures of the American armies in Iraq to prospects posleokkupatsionnogo the period and to correct reeled position in which there was a working president. According to last results of sociological poll, the rating of the present owner of the White house against scandalous exposures about mockeries of the American military men at the Iraq prisoners has reached record-breaking low level that threatens to turn back quite really defeat on November elections.

Bush acted in military college of the State of Pennsylvania. The place choice hardly can seem to the casual. It was extremely important to administration of the USA to provide as much as possible adoptive audience that the first pancake did not leave a clod. And cadets and the teachers of a military college who are traditionally being supporters of the president, as well as possible approached for such role. It is curious also that the White house did not begin to ask to provide leading broadcasting companies a performance direct transmission. As a result of En - bi - si, Fox and Hey - bi - si have ignored the given action. Bush`s speech was broadcast only on some cable networks.

Acts of terrorism becomes more

The reference which has occupied in total no more of half an hour, Bush has begun with a mention of recent murder of head of operating advice of Iraq Salima and Nika Berg`s murders - the American citizen working in the country under the contract. Sharply having denounced actions of insurgents, the US president has underlined that no forces will stop progress in Iraq which became the central front of struggle against the international terrorism . Then the owner of the White house has stated the plan from five points which realisation, as he said, will provide to Iraq democracy and freedom. As the experts mark, it does not contain any essentially new moments and as a matter of fact is only structured giving before the offered measures. Among them, in particular, - delegation of power to the new sovereign Iraq government, safety, restoration of an infrastructure of the country, the international support and the organisation of free elections. will carry out these five steps very uneasy - Bush has noticed and has warned that, most likely, acts of terrorism in Iraq in the near future becomes even more.

Therefore the president has declared that the USA intend to save the military presence at present level - 138 thousand military men. And so long as that will be demanded by circumstance. Moreover, the president has promised to increase this contingent if more soldier is required to the American command.

Destroyers of prisons

the promise to destroy notorious prison " became One of the most intriguing moments in Bush`s performance; Abu - Grejb . In its opinion, the pulling down of this prison should serve as a symbol of the beginning of a new stage in destiny of Iraq.

Speaking about necessity of rendering of the international support to process of a post-war reorganisation of Iraq, Bush has informed that the United States and Great Britain have presented to UNSF the project of the new resolution on sovereignty transfer to the time Iraq government. The given document, in particular, provides more active role of the United Nations in Iraq, including in carrying out of national elections in the country, creation of democratic institutes and constitution working out. Besides, the US president was voiced also in favour of possible connection of the NATO to this process. As he said, this idea will be discussed at the summit of the North Atlantic block laying ahead in June in Istanbul.