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The rejuvenated old age

In a pursuit of youth and beauty our elite changes hobbies as gloves. Present new Russian, politicians and the priest - stars, having lost superfluous kgs by a technique of the known doctor or after a portion of certain pricks, now pray on deckman cages. They ostensibly showed a miracle of returning of former Yeltsin. So it for a phenomenon? The means of Makropulosa promising almost eternal youth? The next substitute - a something ephemeral? About it the correspondent talks to the laboratory chief of Institute of biology of a gene of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the winner of the State award of the Russian Federation, a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences Leonid Korochkinym.


- the Agiotage round a rejuvenation the mankind already passed in the beginning of the last century. Many celebrities, in particular Marlene Dietrich and Charlie Chaplin, paid huge money for injections of fabrics of embryos. It as - that is connected with deckman cages? After all they too undertake at embryos?

are different things. A principle for a long time known methods of a rejuvenation in the following. The sufferer to dump year the prick from an extract of fabrics of embryos of animals becomes, and people feel that the age recedes. There is a vivacity, ease and etc. But, it appears, for this purpose it is not so obligatory to use fabrics of embryos. With the same effect it is possible to enter something for our organism the alien. The main thing that immunity has tested a shake-up which makes active it. Then the person has a sensation that he has looked younger.

But a leah for a long time? As it is found out, no. To not casually clients of fashionable clinics doctors recommend to repeat procedure annually. And its price - ten thousand dollars. It is important to underline that this way of returning to a youth is not harmless. After all alien cages can call an allergy, and sometimes and tumours. If to speak about an essence of the matter most likely such rejuvenation, and not so deckman cages, is widely advertised today by many medical salons.

- But there are institutes and centres of science with sonorous names which work with deckman cages. And operations are conducted by our well-known experts, for example, academicians of Leo Bokerija, Renat Akchurin, Valery Shumakov. Than these newest methods differ from the former?

- concept deckman cages for the first time has appeared in works of Russian scientist Alexander Melnikova in the XX-th century beginning. At an embryo they are formed right after conceptions and possess huge potential to development. Speaking in images, it is a blank leaf. After all at this stage they yet have no specialisations also are capable to turn to any cages of other bodies. That is while the germ grows, deckman cages build its organism, becoming cages of heart, a liver, a brain and etc.

Long time was considered that their stock quickly runs low and already at late stages of development of an embryo they actually disappear. Such representation occurred until other Russian scientist Alexander Fridenshtejn has not opened that deckman cages are and at an adult organism. It is much less than them, than at an embryo: percent and even percent shares. And in the course of time this quantity, unfortunately, only decreases. And they carry out the major role. If in any body there are serious changes and it gives signal SOS deckman cages start to breed and replace the amazed.

This opening also has generated modern boom. And the main thing - has pushed scientists to that in laboratories to grow up deckman cages. It is the major moment. After all the we are more senior, the it is less than these cages. They have not time to restore the destroyed. We grow old.

- But if a miracle - cages have learnt to grow up why them not to enter for preventive maintenance, without expecting, when in an organism failures will begin? Or is artificial to stimulate their operating time with a organism?

- Similar experiment has been put. It has appeared, as soon as the quantity of new deckman cages the beginning in an organism to increase, old began to perish. It turns out, if the person is healthy, at it a certain constant level of these cages is supported. And the mechanism of an operating time of the new joins only at any failures. Why so occurs - a problem for scientists.

- As from faceless deckman cages to receive cages of bodies, the same brain or heart?

- special preparations - so-called induktory are For this purpose found. For example, retinoevaja acid. If it to work on as you were expressed, faceless deckman cages they can turn in such of which then brain cages are under construction. And is induktory gastric warm nejralnye both etc. And here that is interesting. Orientation degree can be varied. We will tell, only hardly having shifted it aside nejralnyh cages, it is possible then to enter them into a certain zone of a cerebellum. And there they ripen to cages - old residents of this zone.

- the Collective nurtures? Occurs some kind of assimilation?

- Yes. It turns out that the environment influences destiny of the replaced cages. Other variant - to enter into a cage organism already in advance strongly focused. What it is better? It still should be investigated.

- Today in the Russian clinics treat different kinds of deckman cages. Taken both at the patient, and at embryos. What pluses and minuses each variant?

- At embrionalnyh deckman cages high potential of reproduction, than they also are attractive. But this worthiness is simultaneously and a lack. They can with probability of 25 percent provoke tumour occurrence. By the way, on one of modern hypotheses, the cancer reason consists that the organism runs away over deckman cages and they start to breed uncontrolledly.

One more a minus - allogeneity. So, problems with tearing away of the entered cages are not excluded. And at last - ethics. You know that many with extreme disapproval concern manipulations with human embryos. In variety of the countries therapy with use embrionalnyh deckman cages is seriously limited and even is forbidden. And here the method based on use of deckman cages of the patient, is deprived these lacks. Them take, say, from an edge or podvzdoshnoj bones, then by means of special technologies make multiple copies and transform into cages of that body to which treatment then them into it and enter is required. But also at this way too is minuses which should be eliminated.

- Recently there were messages that the replaced cages can appear functionally defective.

- What will be the remote consequences of such operations, anybody today will not respond. In the same way scientists while know nothing that occurs to the cages entered into a human body. How they are built in, for example, a myocardium or a liver? There is also other complexity: prizhivlenie can pass not absolutely safely. And then in body there is a hem. Now scientists search for ways to make a meeting of deckman cages as much as possible warm that assimilation has passed without problems. Methods of gene engineering are for this purpose used, in particular.

As a whole deckman cages promise the big prospects, but to hurry with their application for treatment of the person, in my opinion, does not follow. Here care and careful, repeated check on animals is necessary. And certainly, the maximum support of such researches is necessary.

- And still, Leonid Ivanovich, can turn deckman cages time back? To return to the person youth?

- Hardly. After all ageing is a process very difficult, connected with reorganisation of all organism. I doubt that local a patch on any body it is capable to make a rejuvenation miracle.

- And what prospect in laboratory to grow up from deckman cages any body? If it was possible to put this technology on a stream replacement developed the vital resource of heart, a liver, lungs would become a reality.

- the Information on such works periodically appears, there are also certain successes. And we in common with the Swedish scientists made experiments in this direction. But all it while only the first steps. To the real artificial organs received from deckman cages, still it is necessary to pass a long and hard way.