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Ministers of Defence have met in Petersburg

the Main military men of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and also Iceland will listen to the Russian Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov about cooperation of Russia and the NATO in the field of security and prospects of development of Armed forces of Russia.

Two countries - Denmark and Norway - are as members northern four and members of the NATO. Certainly, the Russian side will use possibility and will necessarily raise the question about the prompt signing of adapted variant DOVSE in the light of new expansion of an infrastructure of the NATO on the east.

it is curious that in Iceland of armed forces is not present, questions of maintenance of defence of the country are included into the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and trade competence. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iceland takes part in the Moscow negotiations Halldor Ausgrimsson.

the Minister of Defence of Sweden Leni Berklund - extremely in existing world practice, is the woman. It with a vigorous and optimistical spirit has gone to Petersburg to discuss a course of performance of the program of development of communications between military men of Sweden and the Russian Federation. The minister has informed that the Swedish military men develop plans of carrying out of joint military doctrines with the Russian colleagues.

it is visible, as well to Norwegians that will tell. From June, 6 till June, 11th in territory of Norway on air base Oerland will pass multinational doctrines of services of aviation maintenance of the Air Forces of the countries of the NATO. 300 persons will take part in them nearby.

Besides, ministers in a wide format will discuss the questions connected with strengthening of a mode of non-distribution of weapons of mass destruction and counteraction to the international terrorism. The special attention will be given ecological security in region.