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Russians leave Iraq

In   result of an attack of unknown insurgents in southern suburb of Bagdad near to thermal power station Dora two Russian experts of the company " were lost; Interenergoservis six more have got wounds.   Besides, are killed   two Iraqis from support group.

the Russian company transported here last group of the employees of 13 persons which should live under the strengthened protection on this object. According to eyewitnesses, at entrance on territory Dory the bus with Russians has been fired from the automatic weapon. All it occurred in the face of local policemen. After incident all attacking have disappeared on cars.

In the Russian diplomatic mission in Bagdad to the correspondent RG have informed that all work of embassy is directed on finding-out of details of tragedy with our experts. The embassy is bodily connected to work, all circumstances happened now are found out, to the place of incident the consul has left. The embassy works in a normal mode, security of all employees is provided - the diplomat on duty has declared.

the Chief executive of the company Interenergoservis Alexander Rybinsky has informed that the decision on full evacuation 231 employees who work on four objects in Iraq is accepted. This information was confirmed also with the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation Sergey Shojgu.

In turn, the high-ranking employee of the Russian foreign policy department has informed: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in case of need together with the Ministry of Emergency Measures will promote carrying out of evacuation actions from Iraq . Thus he has underlined that the Russian companies working in Iraq should accept the decision on evacuation - anybody cannot force them .

Interenergoservis Works in Iraq under four contracts which sum makes about 30 million dollars. Representatives of the Russian firm have already declared: the Company management considers that someone is interested in, that Interenergoservis has left from the Iraq labour market and technologies . Indirectly it proves to be true also last tragical incident: it is difficult to believe, as if the attacking did not know that on power station employees of the Russian company work only.

Meanwhile at office Interenergoservisa have refused to answer questions on degree of responsibility of the company for new a victim among Russians. The chief executive of the company Alexander Rybinsky has referred on absence of time for conversation in connection with latest developments . Names of victims and victims he also did not name for ethical reasons .

the Material was prepared by Vladimir Bogdanov. Details read in the nearest releases