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Visit of Mubaraka to Russia

- the Mister the president, you not the first time visit Russia. As though you have estimated level of political dialogue between Moscow and Cairo?

- Our countries really connect old relations. Since president Nasera they basically had positive character though for semicentenial history there was also a cooling period. We managed to make active these relations, and today I would estimate them as very good. It concerns also political sphere where between us there is a constant exchange of opinions on the major questions of world politics, including on problems of our region. The Near East, Iraq, fight against terrorism - prime subjects which we will discuss with president Putin. These are very sensitive and important questions for the world, and over their decision we together with Russia persistently work. Between us there is a constant dialogue. When there is a necessity, we discuss them with president Putin by phone. To Egypt often there came the former Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, hope to get acquainted and with the new minister. It would be desirable, that our relations and further carried not seasonal nature as they are equitable to interests and Egypt, and Russia.

- you voiced time and again a dissatisfaction with a status trading - economic relations between our countries. What in this plan it is possible to expect from your visit to Moscow? A leah new bilateral projects of scale of the Aswan dam are possible?

- Yes, we want more volume and strong trading - economic relations. Besides that they are favourable to both our countries, cooperation between Russia and Egypt can influence all region.

As to the Aswan dam, we highly appreciate till now its value though which - who opposed this project. We here again would like cooperation continuation as the dam preserves Egypt against deluging, creates a large supply of water for agriculture in our droughty climate.

- you have already told that the situation in the Near East will be one of the basic subjects of your negotiations with president Putin. In particular, palestino - the Israeli conflict. A leah is an overcoming the crisis? A leah probably still movement on to the Road map ?

- From my point of view, the main thing in to the Road map is to begin negotiations. And to come eventually to creation of the Palestinian state. Certainly, on it time is required. But terrorism not to stop, while Palestinians and israelites will not meet behind a negotiating table. So the exit is. But provided that all will be guided by fair intentions.

Egypt is ready to play here the role as we keep in touch both with Palestinians, and with israelites, at us very good communications with Russia, the United States, Europe which make considerable impact on the given process. The role is played also by Russia. It is the large country which takes of a certain position, for a long time already participating in the decision of the Palestinian question and being a member international the four . And Moscow can contribute in peace process, and not only in palestino - the Israeli relations, but also in all region, including Iraq.

- you actively opposed wars in Iraq. Your words that it can generate " are known; bin Laden`s one hundred . Alas, while all develops there under the worst scenario. How to resolve a situation?

is the Allah knows only. If I warned about possible negative consequences of the armed intrusion did it, in - the first because I am the former military man. And in - the second, I know and I understand character of the countries of region in which I live. Including - character of the Iraq people, its manner of dialogue, approaches to consideration of questions and problems. In spite of the fact that I have lived in Iraq only month, I have acquired the extensive information on its people which is not similar to the Egyptian, Saudi or Palestinian people. Therefore I was afraid of war and expected that there will be that, what`s happened.

the Exit now to find very difficultly. The army, police are dismissed, employees baasistskoj parties, from - for what all structure of the state has collapsed. Temporary advice has while no authority, stays idle. I hope that the new government will possess the real power and can create the army. Otherwise the people will resist to forces of a coalition, and will not accept any police generated by these forces. That, actually, now also occurs: the person who puts on today the military uniform, Iraqis there and then declare the betrayer. A situation very difficult. It is necessary to transfer control to Iraqis. And very quickly to hold an election. And then to create own army, police, justice, to finish all nespravedlivostjami. And until then to forces of a coalition it is impossible to leave, because in this case there will come chaos, and Iraq becomes the centre of world terrorism. Unless it is possible to replace these forces with United Nations contingent that will call the Iraq people of more trust to hold an election.

- last years much also it is correctly told about fight against terrorism. It is enough words, it is much less than practical successes. Why?

- Nobody wants to pay attention to gravity of this phenomenon. I suggest to spend for a long time already the international conference on the fight against terrorism which decisions would be obligatory for all countries. In particular, not to grant the right to a political asylum to any person who has made act of terrorism. In reply to my early appeal to convocation of similar conference it has been declared that Mubarak insists, because it had three - four acts of terrorism. From its part I have explained that terrorism - the phenomenon international, and it will pursue all countries. And when there is such threat, all states should incur responsibility. Once again I will repeat: I do not have doubts in necessity of carrying out of the international conference. At least that the decision of this problem went under the international control. Otherwise it will extend on all countries.

- the International terrorism associates often with opposition of the largest living religions. Many even put an equal-sign between Islam and extremism. How to overcome such moods?

- the Terrorism is not only Islamic extremists. There are also Christian extremists. Connect this phenomenon with Islam because problems arabo - the Muslim world are not solved. People feel injustice. I to you will tell: 40 years ago such was not. But when Palestinians have faced murders, destructions, that dishome them, and there were then known events in Iraq, people have felt injustice. And sensation that restrain you that you treat badly that you kill, conduct to terrorism and cruelty growth. People need to allow to feel justice. Without it a problem not to solve. If people see that their injustice passed, terror will stop. And differently - the violence generates violence.

- Egypt - one of the key countries in the Arabian world in which was and remains many contradictions. A leah is achievable effective Arabian solidarity?

- It is achievable, if the Arabian countries do not test on themselves external pressure. There are forces, in it not interested. Though, on - to mine, the Arabian solidarity responds also to their interests. Long since colonizers carried out in relation to our countries to the policy divide and dominate . It brings to our citizens only travails.

- As from this point of view you estimate results of summit which has just ended in Tunis of League of the Arabian states?

- The idea of carrying out of the summit is already solidarity display. Certainly, to name its strong while it is impossible, but these are today`s conditions.

In Tunis we aspired to answer on the thorny questions - Iraq, Palestin, terrorism, reform which should be born in the Arabian world, instead of be imposed from the outside.

We in Egypt carry out the reforms since 1982. It is process constantly developing which cannot be stopped. So, as a result of reforms at us the basic freedom, including freedom of the press have affirmed. Even I as the president have no right to close any edition and if I will make it, against me can bring an action, and I will lose it. At us free elections which pass under judicial authority control.

- In what, in your opinion, value of a meeting at the highest levels in Tunis?

- I have been very interested to take part in work of this summit and underlined its importance after occurrence of hearings that this forum can be again postponed. I have declared to representatives of mass-media that this meeting of heads of the Arabian states has all-important value owing to gravity of that period which worries now given region with its problems: the Palestinian problem and that occurs today in Iraq. It was very important, that Arabs have told the word, have confirmed the position rejecting attempts to trample a basis of an establishment of the world, the adherence to returning to the borders existing till June, 1967, and also following obshchearabskoj to the initiative accepted at the summit in Beirut.

It was important, that the specified position has been declared at the Tunisian meeting at the highest levels. As we can demand from the world community that it has interfered and has assisted in condemnation and the termination of to what the Palestinian people in occupied territories if there is no collective decision which will allow to this community to feel an essence and unity of the position taken by Arabs are exposed. The same concerns and declared on the summit in Tunis to a position, demanding to stop the American occupation, to pass Iraqis a country government, and also declaring necessity that the world has heard as Arabs reject that is created now in relation to the people of Iraq, their requirement to the world community about rendering of assistance in the decision of this problem.

Besides, the specified meeting has at the highest levels given the chance to the Arabian states to exchange opinions concerning named on - to a miscellaneous of initiatives in upgrade sphere. On it the decisions representing prepared League of the Arabian states the plan of action on obshchearabskoj of upgrade, reflecting belief in upgrade principles, necessity and importance of its carrying out, and simultaneously adherence to own values, the account of prominent features of the people, including structure of the population of each separate country, and also that fact have been made that the people before governors reject that upgrade which is imposed to them from the outside.

Told at all does not mean that Arabs basically reject upgrade or do not want to rally round it. It means only respect itself, the worthiness, the sovereignty and independence, preservation of actually Arabian cultural self-identification. Also I do not want to repeat that Egypt has made much in this direction.

- you consider, what the Tunisian summit in this plan was successful?

- the Meeting of heads of the Arabian states in Tunis was successful within the limits of the available possibilities, the given facts and existing realities. In these frameworks the consent under the decisions accepted at this summit has been reached. Besides, the Tunisian meeting has at the highest levels saved obshchearabskuju solidarity, has strengthened activity of League of the Arabian states in structural sphere. As I have already told, this summit was convoked that the decisions corresponding to prominent features and possibilities of the countries and the people of this region in sphere of realisation of the plans, and also character of the endured period and to the changes occurring at global and regional levels have been made. It is important to take of a realistic position to be logical and sincere in relation to itself, to the people, to wish realisation of interests of citizens of the fatherland, to protect the higher interests, thus without ignoring any rights.

- What brief has been presented by the Egyptian party on consideration of the summit concerning the put forward initiatives?

- In this brief mechanisms for dialogue carrying out between League of the Arabian states and the international structures interested in the application of efforts for development of given region are defined. In it the bases reflecting priorities and questions, cares of the Arabian states being a subject, and also existing basic political problems are presented.

This document after objective and detailed discussion has been countenanced at conference of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Arabian states which were not able to do it without the coordination with heads of the countries.

- And what your opinion on the American idea of reforms in so-called the Big Near East ?

- First this idea assumed compulsion of reforms for all countries of this region. But it is occupied by the different people - both on number, and on cultural customs, and by religious traditions, and on a level of development. So, it is impossible to approach to all with identical measures and to spend transformations under uniform recipes.

- you often name the mister Honesty . Including for personal modesty and the irreconcilable relation to corruption. Much is made by you. And what it is necessary to make?

- As to corruption, it is all over the world. Probably, while there is a mankind, there will be also a corruption. But to struggle with it it is necessary to reduce its sizes. And it is necessary to struggle within the limits of the law and existing realities. There is no country where there would be no corruption. There are people fair and dishonest. It is necessary to aspire to that the similar phenomena did not remain unpunished then also corruption becomes less.

you ask, what we want to undertake in this sphere in the future? I consider necessary to continue to carry out reforms which as I have already told, have continuous character. Life changes, the international situation so, reforming process should not stop changes.

- And last question, the mister the president. A leah Russian which you have mastered during study in military academy in Moscow was forgot?

- I am glad to any meeting with Russian people to talk, communicate on - russki. After all for knowledge of language the main thing - practice. I studied French, English and Russian. I own English better, than others as constantly it I use. With French business is worse, as seldom it is necessary to speak on it. Unfortunately, it is not enough at me practice and with Russian.

But as I have already told, between our countries there were old kind relations which I very much appreciate. I had and to live in Russia, and to come there as a part of various delegations. Always we wait for Russians and at themselves. It seems to me, and Russia cannot ignore cooperation with the Arabian countries, in this case all of us only lose. Therefore it is necessary to continue to co-operate with each other.