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As country priorities

In particular changed, the president has noted necessity of carrying out of the serious tax reform, called to lower tax burden on citizens and business. Did not remain without attention and a question of creation of legal guarantees of development of national economy, as free enterprise economy and a fair competition. Among political aspects the emphasis has been made on necessity of the state upgrade regarding perfection of political system and building of the effective state which was under the influence of separative moods.

In 2001 political and social aspects have more strongly begun to sound. Acting then before Federal Meeting, Vladimir Putin has raised the question for the first time about debjurokratizatsii machinery of state and has softly specified in necessity of carrying out of administrative reform regarding revision of the state functions. Besides, then the question on differentiation of powers between the federal centre and regions has been brought up. From questions of social policy the president had been noted necessity of transition to an insurance principle of medical aid and essential changes of pension system.

Performance of 2002, a subject of administrative reform became the basic in Putin`s performance. Here it has accurately depicted measures which the government should undertake that the machinery of state became more effective. Same year the president has voiced for the first time discontent with estimations of the cabinet concerning economic growth in the country. Besides, the president has more particularly returned to local government problems, has emphasised problems of small-scale business, the further carrying out necessity of reforming of housing and communal services and mortgage development.

In last year`s speech of the president three subjects became central. In - the first, Vladimir Putin has set the task on long-term prospect - gross national product doubling for ten years. In - the second, has urged the government to prosecute a subjects of overcoming of poverty seriously. And the subject of upgrade of Armed forces became the third point. Besides, Vladimir Putin spoke about necessity of consolidation of the country. In 2003 the president has again acted with criticism to the cabinet, having specified in decrease in rates of economic growth and a sluggishness of the White house concerning administrative reform. As well as in previous years, the president has noted importance of integration of Russia in economic community.

By the way:

Research holding ROMIR Monitoring has suggested citizens of Russia to respond, the president should solve what problems of the country first of all (it was possible to specify some variants).

Answers are that.

poverty Liquidation - 37 percent, increase of welfare of the people - 34, struggle against unemployment - 22, development of the Russian economy - 21, housing and communal services problems - 20, fight against corruption of officials - 19, delays with payment of salaries and pensions - 16, a rise in prices, inflation - 15, public health services problems - 14, achievement of peace life in the Chechen Republic - 14, struggle against the organised crime - 12, fight against terrorism - 11, development of the social help to the population - 9, restoration of military power of the country - 8, care of the senior generation - 8, reduction of influence of oligarchs by the power - 8, returning to the state of the mammons dishonestly acquired by oligarchs, - 5, weakness of the government - 5, ecology - 4, development of private business - 3, democracy development - 1.