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Slapovsky about an extreme

- Alexey Ivanovich, an extreme today in a fashion. Many have suddenly decided to be engaged ledolazaniem, windsurfing and etc.

- As far as I understand, it after all not only at us in the country, this phenomenon universal. I have an assumption that hobbies for these sports concern generally (and in our country, and in other countries) layers there are enough provided. Hence, the conclusion arises that it is boring to person to sleep on two pillows. It is obvious, when it has a sensation of sufficiency in a life, it as - that should use put by the nature in it pressing forward to risk. And to risk physically, not at a stock exchange (it too an extreme), not in creativity (it still what extreme - to step on the stage every evening!) . It is risk, forgive, more primitive order. As one classic spoke - the mankind spicy korenja loves.

- it is impossible to name Hobby for an extreme a sign of our mad century?

- You see in our mad century the extreme is transferred to leisure sphere. And when we speak - an extreme - sports, at all we do not add a word sports, and we understand, what is it. Well, we will tell so, in the last centuries of this extreme sufficed and in life. War is an extreme. When the person is occupied by something extreme, I mean, when a physical body vvergnuto in any severe circumstances, it, of course, will not pull to an extreme. I do not think, that the miner with a parachute has gone to jump, because it works in extreme conditions. Obviously, there was now enough of people which do not find in the life of it. The person risks nothing. He does not chop firewood at all, ottjapat to itself the finger therefore does not risk. He risks pieces of paper, figures, everything. Therefore at white collars such entertaining kind of an extreme is very popular. Remember, at first there was a fashionable book, then and a film Fight club . Now white collars gather and make sour each other a muzzle. They are engaged in boxing. It is necessary to them, because psychophysical energy demands any exit. It is possible to tell, well overindulgence is everything, with fat rage. And it is possible to tell that this natural pressing forward of the person surpluses of energy as - that to dump.

- And you had a desire to dump surpluses of energy?

is, actually, to clearly any person. Well the most simple example. I went for a drive on a bicycle, went for a drive - went for a drive, a little to me was to go for a drive, I look - children through the hills, which have built, and on mountain bicycles there practise. I envied, envied, was not kept and have some times swept. Well then, of course, by a head in a birch it was thrust. But here what for it was necessary to me? It would be desirable.

I all life wanted to jump with a parachute but while has never jumped. I adore height. I had once a case - I on a bet with myself have climbed on loggias on the seventh floor.

- And how?

- Well as, here now I speak with you. And then also tears. To climb down more difficultly therefore standing the eye is not present, you do not see, on what you come. Sensations remarkable. Sensations of unusual concentration because I on a broader scale - that understood that I do. The person likes to play know with what in prjatki.

- and a leah it is impossible to replace this risk with something another?

- I do not know... It especial any. In a sense the irreplaceable. But than, let us assume, war to war, it is better to get, go for a drive on mounts on skejtah. Horror! I such shots saw, thought - that people with themselves do? But nevertheless there you risk yourself. That it is, of course, more preferable, than to risk heads of others. And if to ask people who are engaged in it constantly, they will tell: and what for? And on - to the will be right.

know, how much is normal skejt and equipment to buy, represent what costs money! It is great good to buy too, by the way, nedeshevo. It would Seem, in life full - it is full of an extreme, stresses and etc. But the person always aspired if to speak prostorechno, to a pure high if it is hardly grandiloquent - to pure pleasure. What do I understand as it? All these extreme pieces which we test in an everyday life, they are connected with society. You have bypassed the opponent in affairs financial or still any, well sensations that has not absolutely correctly bypassed, not absolutely fairly. That is in comparison with daily extreme circumstances here this extreme - it of any pure order: Here you and air under you (or depth) and are more than anything. And you rely only on yourself.

- As think, character of risk has changed? Let`s compare an extreme 50 - h years of last century and modern.

- At me sensation that it starts to become fashionable, when not the society starts to live safely and when there is wide enough group of people more - less provided. All - taki it as - that is connected, because in 50 - h, 70 - h I will not remember these phenomena as mass. That now is called as an extreme then was called as romanticism. Ascensions to Elbrus or where - that still were to dissolve there a fire to put a flag and to sing Vizbor`s song. It is all was as - that cordially, and the hope was only on a strong hold of hands, on hands of the friend and the hammered hook . In it still there was any collectivism. In campaigns on kayaks and a canoe, horse campaigns the extreme was individual character. The person simply tested itself alone with the nature, but it has been connected with tests bolshej extents. Left in a taiga and lived there three months to try, a leah it is possible to eat one cloudberries and the small animals caught in a drag-net. Then if there was the way of leisure connected with thrills, but, at least in our country, these are all there were things of lyrical character. As people have been anxious by constant overcoming of any difficulties. And were then tightened very thin, but such socialist fat, changed one-room apartment on two-room, was any efforts, one work on another - the salary of 120 roubles, then 140 - what pleasure much! The person needs sensation that it does something bolshee, than it did yesterday. It works is more interesting, receives more, puts on is better. Same all is interconnected with chuvstvovaniem that interval of time in which he lives. The person has not had time to be born - goes to death. It is all clearly. He knows that life is dying. But to compensate as - that to itself it it should or should not? Should. And he creates to itself(himself) visibility of that it goes where - that uphill, it is such game with itself. Acknowledgement of the solvency, that its life becomes better is necessary to the person. And when there is a sensation of monotony even if it and moves upwards then any quantum leap psychologically is required to it. Any explosion. There are extreme hobbies. In a sense it is all - taki the phenomenon of our time. In 90 - e years were popular ascensions on columns. People as fibers skip on these columns, break.

- And to you it not seems, what a modern extreme very aggressive?

- Is not present, aggression is when we speak about fight clubs, about an auto racing without rules. It nevertheless a little another. There yes, there aggression. By the way, after all it was difficult to present it to Soviet period - well to whom in a head would come to beat cars, you that? And in such kinds as a skateboard, the same jumps - either with a parachute or from the bridge on a rope when you for a foot suspend - if there are aggression it is directed on herself. Expression is Now fashionable - adrenalinchiku does not suffice. Like full it is full of the factors calling this adrenaline. Conditionally speaking, adrenaline is with plus sign and with negative sign. With negative sign it is all that in vital struggle when any pleasure from it you do not receive. When you in a stopper also try as - to turn out that, it after all too some kind of an extreme, but you from it do not receive any pleasure. Only you are nervous. A difference between an extreme household and an extreme about which we speak, same, as between words to be nervous and to be stirred . To be stirred - that there by the way and a root - that another - a wave, and To be nervous - from a word nerves - medicine. Bothers people to be nervous, they would like to be stirred.