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Sodbiznesbank took storm

Has ended fortnight opposition of the Central Bank and Sodbiznesbanka which has been deprived litsezii on May, 13th for transgression about washing up of criminal money. All these days the acting administration appointed the Central Bank for audit of actives of bank, could not enter into its building protected by unknown armed people.

Storm of a building of bank became possible only after acceptance by the Moscow arbitration court of the decision about obespechitelnyh measures for protection of interests of investors and creditors, namely, seizure of property, actives and securities of Sodbiznesbanka. The decision was accepted on May, 26th, in the evening 27 - go the prolonged conflict was resolved thanks to the power action of service of court enforcement officers of Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

employees of power division of service of court enforcement officers Provided calling of representatives of the power in bank - employees of law-enforcement bodies of direct participation in storm did not accept. Under the information from   a press - Central administrative board services on struggle against economic crimes FSENP the Ministry of Internal Affairs, after an input in a building the militia was engaged in an identification and check of legitimacy of abiding in office of bank of the people who are not registered among its employees, and also presence of the licence at the protection which was not supposing in Sodbiznesbank acting administration.

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