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With a vacation package and without the ticket

By new rules on each member of tourist group the nominal travel paper leaves. It is declared as the next attempt of struggle against secondhand dealers of tickets. If remember, last year in cash desks on trains of distant following it was almost impossible to buy tickets. But they could be found in some travel agencies. Vtridoroga. It would Seem, all is correct, and for a long time it is time to put things in order in this sphere. But here confidence that it as - that will affect unfair businessmen, no. But this innovation has already considerably complicated life to fair travel agencies and the usual tourists, dreaming to see sights of various Russian cities.

it is a little about the mechanism of work of tour operators. There is an interesting route, for example Valaam - the Solovetsky Islands, there is a demand, it is necessary to reduce all it together and to give due conditions for rest. What into them enters? Certainly, hostels, a food, excursions and... Journey. After all it is necessary as - that to reach vacation spot? And that`s it in this place also has happened zatyk. At first Ministry of Railways, and now the Railways each time diligently toughen rules of acquisition of tickets.

- If earlier, having reserved places, travel agencies could redeem tickets one week prior to a train withdrawal now only for 39 days, - the vice-president of National tourist association Michael Romanov tells. - thus earlier the travel agency redeemed one nominal form on the head of group. And the list of other passengers appeared in process of group filling. That turns out now: for 45 days you reserve places, and in a week should redeem nominal tickets. That is, tickets in which are put down a name, a surname, passport data of the one who on them will go. We will begin that for such term even it is impossible to type group. Only monthly - fortnight routes our people plan it in advance, and day off routes - on a broader scale at the last minute. Well, tell, a leah our people will buy a day off route across St.-Petersburg or Novgorod for two months? Hardly.

There are also examples: the large travel agency has reserved tickets from Moscow to St.-Petersburg for group of the Chinese tourists. There comes hour h that is, term of the repayment of tickets. It is clear that these Chinese tourists also have not arrived to Russia, and already it is required to enter their data in tickets. What does the company do not to spoil the reputation? Correctly, tries to find out, who all - taki will go. But in far China it still nobody knows. The result of this scandal is simple. The management of the October railway has made the decision on possibility of registration of group tickets for foreign groups. And to our tourists, wished to go, say, to Kizhi how to be?

According to Michael Romanov, internal tourism and day off trips are in demand at our compatriots with small incomes. It is clear that at such deals it is a question of movement only by trains. Travel agencies usually select for such tours the bottom regiments of reserved seats or a compartment not firm, but a convenient train. That is cheap but good. The tariff policy of the Russian Railway now very difficult, and such tickets are very quickly washed away from sale. The reservation opens for 45 days, and next morning these tickets already are not present on sale. Thus, the railways have blocked one more possibility of cultural rest for not strongly provided population. And is closer by the summer to buy tickets or will reserve them and it is at all unreal.

- Actually, - Michael Romanov continues, - similar measures only will even more develop business of secondhand dealers. The resort season now will begin. Cheap and convenient tickets for southern directions will disappear from sale during the moment. But after all business of secondhand dealers never was lawful, and all depended on ability to agree with the guide or the cashier. So these abilities have not disappeared anywhere. Now approaches a hot season and we simply will not find tickets for one direction. And it is a question not of southern edges. It is a question of tourism in the central region, the north of Russia. Only one train goes to Novgorod, to Pskov, two or three - to Petrozavodsk. These tickets will instantly disappear from sale. That is, trips of many groups will break, only from - for their impossibility there to deliver. And after all there are whole regions which only at the expense of tourism and live, for example Kem, Belomorsk, yes the same Solovetsky Islands.