Rus News Journal

Four wheels in hostages

I am an administrative criminal. I have parked the car about the Polytechnical museum. There was no place more to stick a car: ahead protected entrance on an Old Square, from the right side - chock hammered paid parking nice for malozakonnymi, but constant requisitions. In a line at the left roadside were built, except me, still cars ten - a Zhiguli a gazelle and so on.

Having returned, I have not found the car. The same a Zhiguli the same a gazelle and mine though also dirty, but silvery tojoty the trace has caught a cold. To steal it it is difficult: on a transmission costs blokirator. The crane have lifted, a leah that, as in Be protected the car ?

Pours a rain, cold and vile. I go to declare stealing to the militiaman on point duty. He meets me as native: And - and so it is yours? Have taken away the wrecker on spetsstojanku...

From what? To whom my car has prevented, if now there full same, - and the militiaman something does not hurry immediately to punish the guilty... The answer: the Trolleybus park has complained that it block journey. And polytechnical recently burnt... it, seemingly, already from other old film: Forgive, and a thirteenth century chapel too I?. trolley buses meanwhile absolutely easy go by the parked infringers - the place suffices. The rain amplifies. The umbrella remained in the car. I squeeze into a transparent militian box and I start to find out details of the repayment of my unfortunate hostage.

Means, so. At first it is necessary to reach to certain 4 - go traffic police branches on spetstrasse is in Marsh street. To take there I booze different documents. To set to their the seals. Then to go on spetsstojanku and to get out the captive. All it it is necessary to be in time for three hours - payment of compulsory parking differently will go. About cost postovoj to me providently does not speak - there all learn .

It is possible to tell that to me even carries. Having listened my emotional spich and the indignant questions, postovoj with someone communicates on a portable radio set and informs that mine the inspector who made the report for evacuation, sits now in the car on Vasilevsky descent. Specially for me - as in due time for Leonid Ilicha - traffic is blocked off, and I, am proud having lifted a head, I go through an Old Square across Ilyinka to Vasily Blazhennomu.

traffic police, ah lavas ju! Water flows from me streams, the bag has turned to a wet clod, but the inspector on a place. We write one report and we read another. Categorically I deny that has created to someone any hindrances (well I did not disturb to trolley buses, truth!!!) . I would like to look, by the way, in eyes specified in papers understood - to the inhabitant of Mytischi Denis Skvortsovu and Muscovite Ruslanu Kochetkovu - that they, reptiles, signed notorious lies? And a leah is these people on a broader scale in the nature? Passport data in papers are not present - one flourishes. I enter there the separate opinion, there is nothing to lose all the same.

the Rain is accepted still more. the good car at you, - notices the inspector. - new... - here therefore it also have chosen among all? - I am interested. The answer is not present, but me gallantly bring up directly to branch. It is in passing found out that my car - and truth the only thing from all has undergone to evacuation. Set the seal papers and show a digital photo. Here it, my beauty. And nearby a trolley bus easy driving by it... Having thought suddenly, a leaf with listing at me there and then select: a leah is not enough that you decide to challenge. In any law it is not written that we should give you a picture .

But in the law (and is more correct, in the decision of the Moscow authorities number 234 from February, 19th, 2004) it is written that from militia my blood property is passed any there by State Unitary Enterprises mostranskontrol to which I immediately appear owe 1809 rbl. 20 copeck for wrecker work ( rolls - rojs it, a leah that?) And in three hours of arrest - on 52 rbl. 70 copeck in each hour of abiding of the car on spetsploshchadke. Phone on parking is, but he does not respond to calls. To whom and on what my money will go, in branch does not know: It not we, is the mayoralty...

it is visible, for edification of all entering on a call centre window there is a mug for tea with drawn on it 500 - rublevkoj. The hint - not a hint to understand time is not present. Catching of a private trader also I reach on Taganku - the sediment bowl is located precisely at a fence of the Kalitnikovsky cemetery, and the neighbourhood excites.

Those who there works, very much are afraid of visitors. Me at least have kept at the closed gate all under the same rain of minutes 20. It, probably, thin psychological reception - pomuryzhit owners of cars at a main entrance as poor relatives that prooralis, and then began to ask low - a pier, start up, we not the local... I here the first day, and already was going to leave, - the security guard mutters. - all use foul language, all certificates put... as the informed people have told, sometimes the document role is played by a usual monetary denomination. I do not know. At the moment of my visit in kapterke was on duty checking, and employees loudly told, how much at us here all under the law .

At gate in the meantime sufferers 7236 rbl. 80 copeck - that is four accumulate for the sum. Swear all. Do not start up anybody. There comes the new wrecker, and I rise at a lattice with firm intention on it to be smeared, but to get inside. I remove the lock and I pass. In shoes chvakaet water. I cough. I demand the one who here main and immediately the car. I check - scratches and dents like are not present. I leave treasured 1809 roubles 20 copecks. Yes you are stifled by them - or to the heads a cap new buy. In exchange I receive the tiny check for a bit of a paper and complete set of co-ordinates of a management of this State Unitary Enterprise mostranskontrol - from director Alexey Gavrilova to Irina`s lawyer. But they are located on other end of a city, and me already all the same. As the wrecker with a roar brakes directly near to my car, and I understand that it is necessary to leave or shake the rights - and visible damages on it for certain will be... A kind standing nearby criminal cars which examine militian an opera, definitively discourages to argue.

the Law so the law. we with you, my dear, simply have won competition on the most beautiful and attractive car - I calm the tojotu and at the same time and. And here on the hunter and a beast. At once two wreckers leave gate and direct on hunting. Before turn on Volgogradku I overtake them and I am built in ahead. On a traffic light I include an emergency signal and long, thoughtfully I study a map, ignoring a floor-mat and hooters behind. Not a trolley bus - you will go round. Or you will stand, you will have a rest. Perhaps just these three minutes will rescue someone from superfluous nerves and unreasonable expenses.