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The rouble will die in 2008 - m?

the statement so unexpected that it not undertakes anybody yet make comments. Really, according to Luzgina, occurrence of new money (by analogy to their euro it is possible to name Eurasians ) becomes the next step after introduction of the Russian rouble in Belarus . Not clearly only, why the Belarus financiers why - that refuse to rouble the further movement, expounding instead working out of an order of issue Eurasians and a choice of their issue centre.

Basically the idea about uniform currency for EEP soars in air. In the beginning of June chief Luzgina, the head of Natsbank of Belarus Peter Prokopovich has blabbed out that presidents the four have signed the agreement on which the uniform currency in EEP will appear on January, 1st, 2008, though in one communique following the results of a recent Yalta round of heads of the states the four words it was not told about uniform currency.

As Eurasians Are considered in coordination with introduction in Belarus the Russian rouble (possibly, the second is conceived as dress rehearsal of the first), it is necessary to remember, how there is this in itself entertaining process. In the beginning of year the state secretary of Union State Paul Borodin has promised that by February all parametres of occurrence of Belarus in a rouble zone will be co-ordinated. But not later than some days ago the ambassador of Belarus in Russia Vladimir Grigoriev has informed that its country is afraid of a rise in prices for products in 13 percent which by all means will come after introduction of the general currency.

No doubt: even euro introduction has generated in safe Europe and a rise in prices, and enormous problems. Not without reason a number of the countries abstain from close embraces of integration from currency reasons (Switzerland with its franc, England with pound). At the same time all know that the uniform currency at EEP already is. Even in two forms: the Russian rouble and the American dollar. If in Ukraine far not everywhere it is possible to pay off with rouble, but all - taki is possible, in the other states of a question to there is no time wooden at anybody will not arise. At the same time to try to buy in Moscow something for grivna or tenge - is faster from joke area. Eurasians will represent doubtless interest for numismatists, but as soon countries uniform space will master the financial integration previous their introduction, very much and very big question.