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Acts of terrorism endlessly

the loudest last act of terrorism which has carried away lives, at least 40 persons, has occurred on Saturday in the city of Hilla that in 100 kilometres to the south from Bagdad. Hilla is included into a zone of responsibility of the Polish contingent. Two mined cars have blown up in the evening on one of the main city streets of Al - Arbajn, near Hussein`s mosque. According to the survived eyewitnesses, a blast wave has scattered and has bent tens cars, some buildings are completely destroyed. Terrorists have knowingly chosen an evening for the crime: at this time inhabitants leave on streets houses after heat recession, and in streets becomes especially populous.

the Second act of terrorism which has been carried out under just the same scheme, has occurred in the city of Erbil, in the north of the country, where traditionally strongly Kurdish influence. Even at Saddam the province of Erbil de - fakto did not submit to official Bagdad. Explosion has thundered, when Mahmud Mohammed - the minister of culture from democratic party of Kurdistan - left the office. 10 persons, including the security guard of the official as a result were lost. The minister and more nearby 40 persons have got wounds.

Everything, according to American Institute of political researches and foreign policy in Iraq after the official termination of military campaign 11 317 peace citizens and 6370 Iraq soldiers are already killed. During the same period of the USA have lost 694 military men and to 90 civil experts. Were lost and 30 journalists from the different countries.

Nevertheless it is impossible to tell that struggle of the Iraq law enforcement bodies against insurgents remains unsuccessful. Yesterday in the city of En - Nasirija, in 375 kilometres jugo - to the east of Bagdad, have been detained the two Chechens connected with a terrorist network Al - Kaidy . As has informed the Iraq newspaper the Expert - Sabah Source in a safety force of Iraq, arrested persons were in structure of the armed group which went for operation realisation to area close to a city military - air base of the USA. According to the same source, the Iraq safety force has authentic data that as a part of a terrorist network Al - Kaidy in the Iraq territory operate about twenty insurgents, pronikshih in the country from the Chechen Republic.

In Bagdad attempt of attempt at the vice-president of Iraq Rozha Shavesa has been prevented. Group of four persons, giving out for TV reporters of the American channel Al - Hurra has been detained, when in one of television cameras at check by the Iraq policemen the explosive was revealed.