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Michael Kasyanov will head bank

According to Michael Kasyanov, confirmed with sources in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin has given OK to realisation of this idea, and the corresponding commission about the beginning of work on the bank creation which authorised capital stock could make 5 - 6 billion euro is already ready. Has put only for small - to receive the consent of the countries of Commonwealth and EU and to find money.

still young, vigorous, but authorities which have already become obsolete at the top - perhaps, Russia faces such phenomenon for the first time. Were of course, for last fifteen years sufficed: presidents, more often - heads of administration changed, prime ministers simply broke all personnel records. But almost each resignation, in full conformity with the general status of the country, bore a strong resemblance mini - revolution.

the End of the first term of presidency of Vladimir Putin also has brought change of key people in the state. However it looked already absolutely on - to another. For four years of work together with the president these people as to them to concern, have proved the solvency and have retired not because have ruined this or that state affair.

is faster, new problems have revealed requirement for new people. For the West it is a standard situation. For Russia - while is not present.

Is not present in Russia and tradition of employment of the former first persons which, of course, according to specificity of this or that country, exists in the West.

If not to take into account young Italian democracy when eks - prime ministers are who under law prosecution and who - in exile, and also a writing of memoirs, as a rule, on purpose once again to worry the perfect moments and at the same time and occurrences on the public, bringing in the solid income (according to some information, eks - the prime minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher receives for one issue 20 thousand Pounds), exists four variants of the further work of the were.

One move in business, and, as a rule, definitively disappear from a political field if do not make extravagant acts of type of public parachute jump as it was done, for example, by Bush - the senior. Others are engaged in public work, as Bill Clinton struggling with AIDS. The third try to be saved in the politician criticising a course of authorities in power, more often.

Examples can minister eks - the prime minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher, called the country to leave EU, or eks - US president Jimmy Carter who has visited Cuba, and also opposed wars in Iraq.

the Fourth variant - for lucky beggars of type eks - a premiere of Italy Romano Prodi who have become by the chairman of the European commission, and the former president of France Valeri Zhiskara D, Estena developing the all-European Constitution. And, seemingly, Michael Kasyanov is going to go on this way - management realisation nadnatsionalnymi bodies.

the New international bank contributing in integration of Russia and EU, will be engaged in financing of expansion of an infrastructure of export (building of pipelines, roads) and other joint projects in cost 30 - 40 billion euro. Already existing international structures as, for example, the European investment bank, etc., according to Michael Kasyanov, for this role do not approach as influence in them is not enough Russia.

the New bank a number of the CIS countries interested in advancement on the European markets, most likely, becomes which shareholders, on Kasyanov`s idea, also will be created on an equal footing that will allow Russia to advance own projects more actively.

the Commission of the president concerning bank creation already is. However search of money and negotiations with potential partners in which the government and the Central Bank should be engaged, still nobody has started to be engaged. According to Kasyanov, by the autumn there should be first concrete results.

However if it does not occur, Michael Kasyanov, as he said, without work does not remain. There is a possibility, as well as at the western colleagues, to go to business or to be engaged in public work. A leah becomes it also political, Michael Kasyanov has not told yet, completely having excluded for itself work on appointed posts. And here participation in elections of 2007 did not begin so resolutely to refuse. However concrete plans while at Kasyanov are not present - either on creation of new party, or under the introduction into one of existing.

On a broader scale sights eks - a premiere essentially have not exchanged, neither on political, nor on economic problems. About same as earlier, an estimation Kasyanov on " has voiced; to YUKOS (Leaving from taxes was unethical, but lawful).

Current activity of the government and administrative reform (change of structure of the government it Kasyanov at all does not consider) to estimate that did not become. He has voiced only alarm for a number of economic indicators for which with an enviable regularity Minister of economic development and trade Herman Gref is stirred at sessions of the government. So if Michael Kasyanov also is going to become the politician, only in the future.