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Privileges to veterans will be increased in 20 times

In the foreseeable future by veterans, invalids and other the categories of citizens using privileges can take from the budget about 170 billion roubles and henceforth in what not to refuse. Yesterday at traditional meeting with members of the cabinet the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has declared that the government should be ready to increase in payments on privileges to veterans of war in 20 times, to invalids - in 10. The president insists: from budgetary innovations position of exempts should not worsen at all, and all decisions in this sphere and all discussions in the State Duma should make all system of support of this category of citizens more socially weighed, more socially fair .

According to the president, the government has prepared a package of corresponding offers. I hope that the government and the Ministry of Finance will be ready to realising these packages, meaning that means will be necessary very big. It is enough to tell that on veterans budgetary funds will be necessary in huge volumes, in such in what earlier never before were not allocated. Not in two, not in five, and in 20 times more - Putin has declared.

Exempts in Russia, by calculations vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov, about 100 million. In the budget of the next year it is put approximately 170 billion roubles for replacement of privileges with indemnifications. Round that, how much and to whom will pay, disputes on all country go comparable on heat and quantity put forward regiments with Kulikovsky fight. On - to a miscellaneous cost of a package of social privileges is estimated also: yesterday, for example, on a round table Within the precincts of the State Duma the Minister of health and social development Zurab`s Michael named figure - 550 roubles on each exempt, Alexander Zhukov at a briefing in the same walls has told about 440 roubles The versions - at each fraction, at representatives of regions, at trade unions and etc. Time for maneuvers remains just barely enough: on Friday the State Duma assumes to discuss the governmental bill in the first reading. Yesterday at meeting in the Kremlin Alexander Zhukov has reported on how negotiations in the tripartite commission where representatives of the government, employers and trade unions enter move ahead. Concerning privileges after uneasy disputes and trade unions, and employers have agreed with the government concept Zhukov has told. In sphere of settlement of labour relations one more stumbling stone - norm of the Labour code about the minimum wage rate. Participants of the commission insisted on its restoration in this document. The government has agreed and will introduce corresponding corrective amendments - has informed vitse - the prime minister.