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Splavlenie bridges

In capital there was a tradition: if to build a pedestrian crossing through the Moskva River, so in the non-standard way. Bridges at Neskuchniy Garden and the Kiev station to to the place of residence have literally alloyed. The new foot bridge at a temple too is under construction on unusual technology for Moscow. Along coast in parallel quays have collected on auxiliary designs two flights. Them have marked on the rings welded from pipes. Between a ring and flights - metal sheets on which bridge parts should slide. In their movement result jacks, developing towards each other.

Some days before an hour iks new technology have already tested on the building site which has settled down at once on two coast of the Moskva River about Christ the Saviour Cathedral. The first flight on Bersenevsky quay have turned on some degrees on Thursday, and flight on Prechistensky - on Saturday. Today builders have begun with last birdies as they name the huge metal constructions really reminding enormous a tick .

- So early started to be in time to automobile peak on Prechistensky quay, - Vyacheslav Klimov, the deputy chief of department of building " has told; mostostroj corporations the Transsystem . - According to traffic police, it begins approximately in 8. 30, till this time we should have time to turn one flight. And we the turns will prevent nobody.

All work on moving of flights should be finished to ten o`clock in the evening.

the next two months the collected bridge will please basically builders. After its connection they should not go for a drive from coast on coast on a tow any more, which helmsman Misha drives there - back hundreds times a day, manoeuvring between big courts plying on the river. Though also to workers on the new bridge long it will not be possible to go. At them already chemodannoe mood. After data of flights workers basically will do the cleaning. From quays numerous auxiliary designs, garbage, technics should disappear. Bridge flights will be supported only by two basic support and two auxiliary. And under the end and the Moskva River in this place becomes wider on some tens metres. Now on this space nasypany artificial islands from which basically building also is conducted.

For pedestrians the bridge which will connect Prechistensky and Bersenevsky quays, should open to a City Day. Subsequently it will be stretched by platforms further to the bypass channel and Yakimanka, becoming a part of a tourist route.