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The NATO in Istanbul

Apparently, most important of them becomes participation of an alliance in situation stabilisation in Iraq. A question very important. After all almost daily from this country messages on terrible acts of terrorism come. And the new Iraq government which will accept reins of government in the country on June, 30th while, possibly, has sense no any experience of fight against terrorism. Therefore the reference of the prime minister of Iraq Alavi to Bruxelles began absolutely logical to help local authorities in preparation of the Iraq safety force, including means.

Also it would be strange, if in the NATO have told is not present . On the eve of the Istanbul summit representatives of all of 26 states-participants of an alliance basically have agreed to support a transition government in Iraq. The ambassador of the USA in the NATO Nicolas Burns, according to the Swiss newspaper Noje tsjurher tsajtung it was voiced even for the organisation in Bagdad the command centre of the NATO. Against, truth, for example, Germans yesterday were voiced. They fairly believe that in that case Islamic extremists will not be limited to psychological resistance.

But against participation of the NATO in preparation of special services Berlin does not mind. Moreover, Germany already trains the Iraq policemen in next Arabian emiratah.

business with technical assistance much more difficult is. Available experience in Afghanistan bears to it. The mentioned Swiss newspaper mentions the facts which it has generalised under the name Absurdistan . In particular, it is a question that military - the technical help to Kabul from the NATO constantly encounters any problems.

Taking into account these Afghani nestykovok the British expert from the London centre of the European reforms Daniel Keohejn believes that military presence of the NATO at Iraq - illusion.