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Leah has broken rare - 2

As have told in a call centre of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Region, the Leah the easy two-engined plane - 2 on which board there were five persons, in 18. 30 has taken off from airdrome Mjachikovo of Ramensky area of Moscow Region for Kaluga. Having felt since first minutes of flight something wrong, the commander of the aircraft and the vice-president of Federation of fans of aircraft of the Russian Federation Oleg Ljakishev has decided to return on airdrome. Having overcome in total about three kilometres and being over a housing estate Zaozere the plane has fallen, having hooked on a wing for a roof and razvorotiv on an attic of one of brick three-storyed structures along the street Solar. By mere chance anybody from inhabitants of nearby houses has not suffered, as the plane, having reached the earths, has not blown up, and has only collapsed on a part, having taken down by inertia on the earth also some fences.

On a scene summer residents have called police squad, rescuers and a brigade first aid . Leah about twenty minutes later under a heap of unwrapped parts - 2 arrived rescuers, summer resident Gennady Senatov to which court yard the tail and some details of the plane have got, and also police officers have found out three breathless corpses: navigator Valentine Chujkina, flight mechanic Oleg Matveeva and the five years` girl - passengers. Two more persons - mother of the child and the commander of crew Ljakishev - are delivered in extremely grave condition in the Central regional city hospital Ramensky. As have informed in branch of resuscitation of hospital, the status of two victims in an air crash for evening of Sunday was critical in spite of the fact that necessary medical assistance by it has been rendered.

the commission created by Federal Agency of supervision in sphere of transport is engaged in Investigation of causes of accident. At the moment of signing of number of versions at a consequence was, as always, two: the human factor and technical malfunction. Leah

the Broken plane - 2 with slip number 01300 FLA the Russian Federation (Federation of fans of aircraft of the Russian Federation) was the only thing in the world by flying plane of this stamp. The newcomer, it has descended from the factory conveyor in 1952 in the city of Tashkent. In 1972 the plane have written off. The Leah since then - 2, half collapsed and rather rusted, decayed on the very brink of the Tushinsky airport in Moscow. In March, 1992 group of experts from FLA the Russian Federation, together with the present commander of the ship Oleg Ljakishevym, has decided the plane to restore. The Leah on November, 13th, 1992 restored - 2 has made the flight first in the new life.