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Tens killed and wounded men in Gaza Strip

Two rocket attacks were put on the night of Monday by the Israeli aircraft on territory of Gaza Strip. Repair shops in the city of Zejtun where as the Israeli military men are assured, the weapon and an explosive was made for the Palestinian insurgents became a main objective Israeli.

the Given action was the answer of Tel - Abib on the powerful explosion which has thundered on Sunday evening at a post in Gush - Katif that in a southern part of Gaza Strip. Five persons as a result were lost, and nearby 30 was wounded.

Palestinians have applied tactics of struggle absolutely new to with israelites. This time to a post has been specially dug 350 - a metre tunnel where have put about 150 kgs of an explosive.

Responsibility for the explosion organisation extremist groupings have incurred HAMAS and Brigades of martyrs of Al - Aksy .

They revenged for consecutive actions of the Israeli special services in Gaza Strip in which course ten Palestinians, including heads of local branches " have been killed; Brigades of martyrs of Al - Aksy HAMAS and Islamic jihad .

Soon after an attack on a post, near to camp of refugees Khan Junis fire of the Israeli soldiers had been killed the teenager and the Palestinian policeman. According to the statement of the Israeli military men, soldiers have been fired from camp and have opened reciprocal fire.

Palestinians also were not in debt and yesterday have arranged rocket bombardment of the Israeli boundary city of Sderot. Rockets have blown up near to a kindergarten and nearby to ranch of premieres - minister Ariel Sharon. As a result two persons, including the three-year child, have been killed and 14 have got wounds. Responsibility for this action movement has incurred HAMAS.

a Series of present exchanges of blows between Palestinians and israelites became a policy consequence an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth which the contradictory parties adhere. Thus the prime minister - the minister of Israel Ariel Sharon excludes possibility of peace talks with a management of the Palestinian national autonomy as, from its point of view, it does nothing for the termination of attacks against israelites. The Islamic world, in turn, regards the Israeli tactics of conducting antiterrorist war as the state terrorism.

it is necessary to notice that the Israeli management refuses to carry on negotiations and on other question also menacing to stability in region. According to experts, Israel is for a long time already de - fakto nuclear power with an arsenal to hundred nuclear charges. However till now official Tel - Abib never confirmed, but also did not deny this information.