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Censorship on the Internet

. On waves Freedom - a leah silence

it is necessary to say that so painfull subject for our country about any clips, restrictions and censorship has received at once additional food for idle talks and different interpretations. Instantly which - who from old guards who has not forgotten, as through noise and a crash of hindrances catches kontra Germany has started talking that here supposedly already and in the Internet will put glushilki, and so, farewell, a freedom of speech. Their vis-a-vis have reacted not less resolutely, having resulted the weighty arguments and statistics concerning that, how much pornographic, extremist and other illegal sites it is possible to find, having plunged into the Worldnet.

Also that is surprising, in this hot polemic anybody at all has not remembered about the law and the right. How they - that treat similar activity and a leah is subject it to any regulation? The sensation consists that censorship on the Internet already exists, and it is carried out in strict conformity with the current legislation, that is on a judgement. Moreover, Russia in this plan hardly probable not in legal leaders because in many countries censorship in a global network for a long time have entered, but have established its simply strong-willed decision.

We have specially taken an interest at professionals: and what they think about it, to suppress or not to suppress, and if to suppress, as?

According to the chief a press - management services To the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of the colonel of militia Anatoly Platonova, technical possibility to put original glushilki on the Internet exists, but it absolutely other, rather than to suppress radio stations, therefore a word glushilki here it is necessary to use unless in a certain allegorical sense.

People are more senior well remember, what ruthless war was conducted in former years with Ideological saboteurs to which the announcement in languages of the people of the USSR of radio stations " concerned; Freedom Bi - bi - si, Free Europe the Voice of America the German wave and others. To prevent to listen these the enemy voices in an aether forced hindrances special repeaters. All country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok has been entangled by radio towers, as a result curious citizens had to be content basically surf noise and even simply cacophony of sounds through which the far voice of the announcer sometimes broke. Money for it left a great lot, and energy glushilki consumed an abyss so it was necessary to involve capacities not one power station only on these purposes.

With the Internet all differently. The expert has told about activity in a world electronic network to us in this concerning area new to our law enforcement bodies deputy chief GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation the general - the lieutenant of militia Konstantin Machabeli. To protect the potential client from unnecessary windows energy and efforts it is not required much, enough to put the so-called filter at the provider. And then at inquiry of an interested site in the computer it will be simple to emerge empty a window .

As close windows in the Web

There is also simple enough and effective system of revealing of illegal sites. On the Internet there is such concept, as broad gulls . These are reports of work of computer networks in which are specified the Internet - addresses of computers which communicated through the Internet. And to these computer addresses it is possible to calculate and addresses physical as all of them are registered for any licensed operators. They do not concern law enforcement bodies, but with their help the provider always can to pull out necessary for law enforcement bodies infomatsiju. It as on television where under the law on a case of the judicial claim it is necessary to store the gone on the air plot in archive year. On the Internet to expose criminals, it is enough to use broad gulls .

But they are necessary only when it is necessary to prove through court that through this or that site criminal activity was carried out. The internal legislation of each country provides various kinds of punishment for distribution of this or that information. As to Russia in the domestic legislation there are Criminal code articles on which owners of a site, and also and a video production it is possible to involve authors of electronic texts to administrative and a criminal liability for distribution of counterfeit production, for kindling international and interreligious break a set, for pornography distribution, and also for appeals to legitimate authority overthrow.

Besides that given articles UK the operating. From old examples on hearing such, as closing of the site extending production, containing children`s pornography, the Blue lagoon . Owners of this electronic pornobusiness have been denounced. From recent examples about which while very few people knows, closing of a site of the extremist organisation HAMAS. It appears, religious ideologists broadcast from Russia, instead of from Palestin, but interests of Israel suffered affliction from it. Nevertheless in our country there were enough legal grounds lawful methods to interrupt electronic activity HAMAS.

proceeding with well-known radical author Boris Stomahinym who regularly placed the rusofobskie opuses on one of terrorist the Internet - sites of the Chechen insurgents will end with what is very interesting also. The Russian law allows to make it answerable under article for appeals to overthrow of a political system and kindling of international and interreligious hatred. Another matter that the Russian laws is known that dyshlo.

acknowledgement to that too is available. Simply unique case has occurred in one of the Russian regions. One overage blockhead, possessing far not backward thinking, has directed on an official site of the Italian club Milan the offer ostensibly from a management Moscow the Locomotive For money to agree about result of a forthcoming match between these commands. Italians to enter negotiations not steels, and were converted into police. Having received on Interpol channels corresponding a headdress our field investigators from intellectual managements of the joker have calculated quickly. However, at that mum has appeared... The regional public prosecutor of that region. Having thought that it never will approve concerning the fumes, the Moscow detectives have entered the house by violence to umeltsu by a principle: all or nothing. It has carried - at the moment of detention the malefactor just sat in front of the computer and scribbled the next horror story to heads of the company Ford . But even, as they say, caught on a scene of crime red-handed the guy has got off light. For what reason, I think, to explain unduly.

recent business in the relation of the Barnaul cyberhooligans has more successfully ended. Students from Barnaul have come into the Internet on an official site of law enforcement bodies of the USA and have promised to Americans varfolomeevskuju night like September, 11th. And besides technical possibilities and legal levers has sufficed on revealing criminals and to make them answerable.

the Virtual world builds borders

But such situation exists far not everywhere. So, for example, there is a number of the countries where the internal legislation is not capable to struggle with criminals on the Internet or simply to put it obstacles. Original paradise for the Internet - criminals, according to authoritative magazine Njusuik there was Brazil where the internal legislation is least adapted for struggle against crimes in a cyberspace. If the Barnaul students have started the dirty deed from the Brazilian site to them would threaten nothing, and Americans would be knocked down, reflecting over gravity of threats for the USA.

For this reason some countries try to secure in every way now the citizens against ideological, immoral and psychological outside influence, after all the Internet, as it is known, knows no limit. So, for example, such countries as Canada and Italy, simply power decision have obliged local providers to establish an interdiction for word use ru . Thus these countries have protected themselves from a pornographic video production which extends from the Russian pornosites. However, now as a result of such censorship in these countries it is impossible to come on a site including .

Italians and Canadians recognise that the decision this radical but while other ways to protect the cyberspace they do not see. We too could put filters, say, on word use kavkaz to prevent penetration on our electronic mission field with the same name udugovskogo the Internet - a site. But others would suffer from it also innocent sites. So it would be possible to reach that all the Internet - the message with Lithuania would appear interrupted, as from territory of this country broadcast the Chechen extremists.

acceptance of the uniform law for all countries about the Internet could become the Lawful and unique exit from a current situation as consider in the Russian special services. Two years ago at the international meeting attempt to accept the convention on cyberpolice which would regulate all relations in virtual space has been undertaken.

the Budapest conference, on a plan of its organizers, should prove that against roughly developing cyberspace joint efforts of all countries on prompting of an elementary order in the World Wide Web and to an establishment uniform " are necessary; game rules in it. She considers questions of coordination of efforts of law enforcement bodies on struggle in a cyberspace.

it was first offered to consider the relation to the Internet between the countries the eights and creation in territory of these countries of system of so-called national contact points (NKP) with which help all crimes in a global world network would reveal. The declaration has been translated to all languages, signed, but and has not been ratified.

the General - lieutenant Machabeli declares that now in Russia NKP works in a mode on duty, receiving inquiries from many countries of the world, and also through the Interpol and Management of international contacts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation directing them to other countries of the world.