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Elena Isinbaeva has jumped on 4 metres of 87 sm

On Sunday in the English city of Gateshead at a series stage Super Gran - at IAAF - Gran - at Norvich the Union Russian Elena Isinbaeva has established the next world record in pole vaults. Henceforth in the table of world records opposite to her name figures will appear - 4 metres 87 see Former record height - on centimetre more low - Isinbaeva has overcome in March in the World championship in the closed premises. It is remarkable that at stadium in Gateshead our tonic of track and field athletics always acts very successfully. So, one year ago she too has defeated here with a world record.


However, then it has made a record jump already in the end of competitions when the majority of spectators have left stadium. Nowadays organizers, having a presentiment of possibility of new triumph of Elena, have started to competitions pryguny in the beginning of Gran - at.

Though the beginning of competitions did not foretell record finish. Starting height of Isinbaeva of 4,40 metres took only from the second attempt. Following difficulties have arisen at Elena on not so to the big height for it of 4,70 metres. For its overcoming again it was required to it two attempts. But, having defeated this height, Lena left at once in leaders of competitions. Only it and its immemorial competitor Svetlana Feofanov who has taken 4,70 only about the third attempts, have started lath storm at height 4,80. The new height was not gave to Svetlana, and Elena successfully has subdued it. Having defeated, Isinbaeva has calmed down, liberated and has gone on storm of world higher achievement. The record height long did not want to concede, but Lena nevertheless has coped with a rebellious lath from the third attempt. Already in the rank of the record-holder our sportswoman has gone on storm space while for women of height to five metres, but it is unsuccessful. We will notice that three weeks ago on training in Volgograd this height nevertheless has obeyed it.

- Yes, I very much liked to compete here as it there was my first start when I have jumped on a world record, - Elena after a record jump has told. - and I am very glad to it. When I went here, I believed that I will make it. Though I especially did not prepare for this start.

According to the newly made world record-holder, Gateshead - one of its favourite stadiums. And the strong wind blowing over sector, to it at all did not disturb.

- Houses I jump often during a strong wind which blows from Volga, she has told. - so such weather to me is habitual. It also has helped me today.

The record result Elena Isinbaeva already has now shown the high readiness for the Olympic starts in Athenes. And she promises to jump in Greece still above.

- Now I am ready to submit new heights, - Elena speaks, - but I want to do it gradually, centimetre behind centimetre.