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Samara: pincers attack

Only for present May - June behind the help to physicians 2180 persons were converted. Last year such people was 1634. About their third - children. But last year pincers were more dangerous: they have infected with deadly illness of three persons. Now while there is no diseased.

According to the chief of department   regional Gossanepidnadzor   Taisii Dubrovinoj, people, fortunately, become every year more and more informed and, having found out on itself the stuck parasite, do not try to get rid independently of it, and are immediately converted to doctors.

  risk Group consists basically of professionals who should work on the nature: first of all gazovikov and   foresters. They are supplemented with fans: Fishermen, hunters, tourists, mushroom pickers and to it similar, whose heads and open parts of a body become base for the tick, having grasped which, he successfully gets over further, in secluded corners of a human body adored by it. For this reason health officers do not recommend to go on woods and coppices wide open. They do not advise and to come nearer to trees in first half of summer more close two metres. Pincers feel the person from such distance and easily it overcome. And after abiding   in the country it is necessary to examine carefully each other. By the way, last years pincers already sometimes   get and on city suburbs, especially if there there are parks and forest parks. So safety measures will not be superfluous and at walks in such places.

Usually activity of pincers as experts bear, is necessary for late spring and comes to an end already in the beginning of June. But now   These parasites why - that are more active, obviously, from - for cool May, and recession will be outlined only in the beginning   July. Only in September last pincers will run into hibernation till next spring.

the Primitive person for whom wood was the house, went on it easily and habitually. But with ward of a civilisation the person has started to study surrounding nature and has found out weight of various live beings which threaten its health. And among them - entsefalitnyj the tick whom, imperceptibly having crept, it is absolutely painless   passes   to it mortally dangerous infection.