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The authorities Bogdanovicha have abolished a family

So happens? In the end of 80 - h years of spouse Medvedevy have made decision to adopt kids from local children`s home. Tried to take absolutely small and difficult conscientious objectors. To the beginning of 1990 when children was already 17 (seven adopted, ten - sponsored), the city administration has suggested to organise family children`s home. So Tatyana Aleksandrovna under the contract became the tutor. Without being by training the teacher, it has won glory to which can envy and the venerable teacher. And not only in its native Bogdanoviche. One of the first awards in January, 2002 the governor of Sverdlovsk area - heavy with ruby stones handed over it order Blagovernogo of tsarevitch Dmitry For mercy affairs . Is at Tatyana Aleksandrovny and government award - order the Honour Sign . The Russian children`s fund to a surprising family has presented a minibus the Gazelle . And kind people - furniture, TVs, video equipment, refrigerators, the washing machine, carpets. City authorities of Bogdanovicha too have returned the favour - have given to a family a building of an empty kindergarten, capitally having repaired 15 rooms. Near to the house cut also an allotment for a kitchen garden. Family head Alexander Petrovich with the senior children have finished repair. Children`s rooms (one for two) have begun to shine cleanliness and a cosiness. my children are able to do all: wall-paper to glue, prepare, and bread can bake, both with own cakes and a pie to surprise, - with pride Tatyana Aleksandrovna tells. - On spring a kitchen garden put, and in the autumn already with might and main went into a crop in banks . On each sponsored child in a month the state gave 1800 roubles on a food. Once a year it was necessary to each child of 50 thousand roubles - on clothes and footwear, writing-books and handles, detergent powder and shampoos. To the general copper went the salary and both parents. Including earnings of mum - ten thousand roubles.

Certainly, there were also complexities and at whom they are not present. Not all children smoothly had a study, sometimes there were fights, especially, when boys were teased detdomovskimi. But all it can happen and in a usual family. The main thing, at children were the house and loving parents. After all in Bogdanoviche as - it is not accepted to take that on education of orphans. The director of local children`s home N 41 admitted to correspondents that for all last year from children`s home have adopted the one and only child, and that to Ireland...

the Commissions from regional management of education, doctors with predilection inspected family children`s home and basically remained are happy. All was good, yet there was no misfortune. The family head has died of warm insufficiency - Alexander Petrovich. But misfortunes never come alone. Was lost 18 - summer Anton, the adopted son. Has left on a disco, and have found him already dead, circumstances of death so and are not found out till now. The grief has knocked down Tatyana Aleksandrovnu, for any time it has missed the initiative in dialogue with children. And then seniors have unexpectedly shown character, began to apply for leadership. Has reached conflicts. Though what family without finding-out of relations. However in administration have decided that in a family anarchy and absence of control. Also declared family children`s home Medvedevyh unsuccessful experiment.

At first the head of municipal union Andrey Bykov has published the decision about clearing by Medvedevoj from discharge of duties of the trustee. As a matter of fact with the stroke of the pen he ordered to stop payments on children, actually dooming a family to half-starved existence. Local deputies have there and then closed financing of family children`s home. Tatyana Aleksandrovny on all about all still had only modest pension in 4,5 thousand roubles on loss of the supporter. And here then at mother have definitively handed over nerves. In one of days when except tea and porridge in the house was nothing, to it has come the chief of regional management of education Lydia Dudkin (already left) and began to persuade to give seven children in children`s home. Say, there it will be sytnee. Tatyana, looking in hungry eyes of children, has written the application. Next day the chief of guardianship and guardianship has shown this paper to children. They shouted mothers: the Traitress! them took away in children`s home N of 41 sobbing.

And soon the militia has approached on the house of Medvedevyh, representatives of administration and under their supervision with ten remained children have exposed a family from the former kindergarten, without having allowed to take away furniture, the piano, the TV, carpets. Then - that Dudkin as lawyer Medvedevyh Sergey Lepinsky has informed, has issued the order with the monstrous formulation: About liquidation of a foster home of Medvedevyh .

Remained Medvedevy have moved to the small four-room apartment belonging to Tatyana Aleksandrovne. But if earlier (to the building of kindergarten given by administration) they occupied three apartments on a ladder platform have now appeared in one. Two are already occupied under the order of the mayor by new tenants. Five have returned to a close premise from the seven children given to children`s home also. we will eat black bread and to drink water, but we want to live only with you - they have exhaled, strong having embraced Tatyana Aleksandrovnu.

But also on it family misfortunes have not come to an end. Had not time to unpack simple belongings in new dwelling as summonses have departed. The municipality has decided to select at them the remained property presented by the governor and the Russian children`s fund. As all it are maintained by Tatyana Aleksandrovna, the mind boggles. Children suffer affliction. They have finished study barely, two remained for the second year.

And the premise of kindergarten which they have released in an emergency order, and costs the empty. Glasses are beaten, doors are driven in by boards. The house kitchen garden has grown with a tall weeds and dandelions. Children`s laughter it is not audible.

Direct speech

Tatyana Merzljakova,   the representative under human rights   Sverdlovsk area:

- At us one problem: to discharge in favour of children the conflict round a family of Medvedevyh. I understand Tatyana Aleksandrovny`s dream to restore family children`s home. But, I am afraid, it is impossible. Also has put here not in legal delays. Easier not to return any more the family head. On it the house kept. It found common language with the mayor.

Albert Lihanov,   the chairman of the Russian children`s fund:

- I was converted with the letter to governor of the region Rossel with the request to understand a situation and anyway to save this family which has endured the present tragedy. I know this family, children have made upon me the most good impression. I will remind that the administration of the region signed positive characteristics and Tatyana Aleksandrovny`s representation to an award. Where all it has evaporated?

Galina Trostanetsky,   the deputy director of Department   on   to the state youth policy,   to education   and social   to protection of children   the Ministries of Education and Science:

- If the family children`s home is created, so it should be supported. Instead of destroying a family in which children already have got used to each other, it was necessary to render in due time to it psihologo - the pedagogical help. That has occurred in Bogdanoviche, is cruel first of all in relation to children.

And that just now, after twelve years after family creation, guardianship and guardianship bodies have shown the discontent with a technique of education of children is surprising. I had such impression that the actions education management solved also any own problems. Anyway, nobody hides that children`s home N 41 is overflowed, and its management has kinds on a kindergarten building in which there lived Medvedevy. My position is unequivocal: it is necessary to make everything to save this family.

Sergey Lepinsky, the lawyer   families of Medvedevyh:

- Pay attention to a characteristic phrase of the representative under human rights on Sverdlovsk area that Tatyana Aleksandrovny`s husband was able to find common language with the mayor . It the woman uncompromising, for the heads the inconvenient. Certainly, it was brought by the senior children, think, on thoughtlessness. Probably, so they wanted to rescue a family. But, having understood the error, now in every possible way support mother.

What to hide, envious persons at a family was much. In a year the city treasury spent for Medvedevyh (on the house maintenance, money for a food, clothes and other) almost 1 million the roubles, thus consolidated city budget makes almost 200 million roubles. Probably, such generosity is too expensive now for a city.

And the main thing - it is necessary to find out, on what money from the city budget is spent, those which intended to children and them have not been received within seven months. As they have not been spent for seven Medvedevyh the structure of the crime provided by article 285, in my opinion, is seen in administration actions. 1 criminal codes of Russian Federation (the No-purpose expenditure of budgetary funds), and also article 286, a part 2 criminal codes of Russian Federation (Excess of powers of office).

the Misfortune that the fate of Medvedevyh can comprehend any of 368 family houses of Russia in which are nurtured about three thousand children. Such families have started to create in Soviet period, in 1988. Then there was no the law limiting quantity of children in family children`s homes. Now it is - no more than 10 persons together with the own children. But in one document is not present instructions how to arrive in a swagger - major circumstances. It is good, if the local authorities have enough heart to save a family and not to leave it without means of support.