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Payments to the victim in road accident

- Since July, 1st of current year will start to be carried out compensatory payments on compensation of the harm caused to life and health of victims in road accident. These payments can be received only in three cases: when the company of the insured driver has gone bankrupt, when the originator of the caused harm and when the driver of a vehicle - prichinitel harm has not concluded the contract on obligatory insurance is not established.

Means for compensatory payments are formed at the expense of the target payments deducted by the insurance companies, they are supervised by the state and accumulate on a separate abacus in banks.

As there will be payments?

the Victim (or its authorised representative) should submit the documents confirming approach of insured event, and the statement to any insurance company which is full member RSA. The insurance company will direct them in RSA or to one of its six regional representations. Within two weeks from the moment of reception of all necessary documents RSA should make the decision on payment or give motivirovannyj refusal.

In case of the positive decision of a question of means will be listed in Savings Bank branch in a residence of the victim or in the nearest post office.