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Have divorced - and have dispersed

In particular, the former spouse or the spouse of the owner of apartment will have the right to live in it only within a year after divorce the chairman of Committee of the State Duma under the legislation Paul Krasheninnikov has informed yesterday to journalists. Thus it is not important, who the proprietor of apartment - the ex-husband or the wife, a leah is in a family children or not. Children, having a just cause on a living space of the parent, can remain with it. And former second half will be obliged to be moved.

Under the new law leaves that if mother is not the proprietor of apartment it should leave in space having left the small child. Having left not only the right to be near to it, but also a duty it to nurture.

In the device of the Representative under human rights in the Russian Federation consider that such norm of the Housing code will call serious problems. According to the Family code in case of divorce mother has the right to live together with the child to its majority. And if the offer on cancellation is still accepted at transactions of purchase and sale of real estate of the permission of bodies of guardianship and guardianship in Russia mass infringements of the rights of the child are inevitable.