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Novosibirsk. Death from Eboly

the Office of Public Prosecutor considers incident by accident: as the public prosecutor of department on supervision of law execution on especially regime objects Yury Belous has informed, the safety precautions at work with especially dangerous virus has not been broken.

Meanwhile, according to Yury Belousa, check has revealed numerous infringements of a labour safety on GNTSB “ the Vector “. In this connection four officials, including the general director " are administratively fined; the Vector “ the Lion Sandahchiev and the head of scientific research institute of molecular biology Sergey Netesov. However, to open character of these infringements the public prosecutor has not wished, having referred to modiness of object, and has underlined that all of them are not connected in any way with  destruction of the laboratorian, and have been found out on a check course.

On regime object “ the Vector “ Which has been created in 1974 in settlement Koltsovo near Novosibirsk, physicians work with many mortally dangerous infections, including the Siberian ulcer, a plague, an atypical pneumonia, a HIV. Here it is stored shtamm a smallpox. 46 - the summer Antonina Presnyakov who has worked on “ the Vector “ 27 years, last ten years participated in creation of a vaccine against a fever of Ebola - mortally dangerous disease which flashes periodically occur in Africa.

state of emergency on especially protected object happens on fifth of May this year. As Yury Belous has told, that day Antonina Presnyakov has passed obligatory instructing and physical examination, and then has started injections to the experimental porpoises infected with a virus of Ebola. Having finished experiment, the laboratorian began to put on a cap a syringe needle, and during this moment her hand has trembled. According to check, the needle has pierced two pairs rubber gloves which were on hands Presnjakovoj, and has pierced a skin on the left palm.

Neither departmental, nor public prosecutor`s checks have not revealed any infringements of safety precautions in actions of the most experienced laboratorian. But why people on regime object work with especially dangerous infections in such gloves which integrity can be broken, only putting on a cap a needle? A leah is solved a question on creation of really reliable measures of protection of the personnel? Answers to these questions are not present - management GNTSB “ the Vector “ willingly telling mass-media about a lack of federal financing, but till now avoids to make comments on  destruction of the employee.