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That will solve Qatar court

In the Qatar, judging by a local press, two-month process over our fellow citizens almost interested nobody, though so loud act of terrorism in the country has occurred almost for the first time. Such impression that all - both government officials, and representatives of special services - want to forget about it somewhat quicker. As since July, first all official bodies including courts, leave on two-month vacation. All local mass-media write only about palestino - the Israeli conflict.

the Russian officials who are engaged in destiny of arrested fellow citizens, have left, as they say, in molchanku . To understand them it is possible: Moscow has done the utmost for clearing of Russians, but, apparently, they are waited by a verdict of guilty, and it means the death penalty. And then there is last hope. Have mercy to them the emir of Qatar sheikh Hamad ben Caliph Al Tani can only. But there will be it only after all terms of the appeal of a sentence, and most likely by the end of the year.

As many observers consider, such arrangement could be reached during telephone conversation between the emir of Qatar and the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.

While, according to the representative of the Russian embassy in the Fur-coat, moral spirit, mood and state of health of the arrested Russians the normal. Last meeting of our consul with them has passed past Monday. They have not voiced any complaints to conditions of the maintenance. In the chambers equipped with conditioners, the normal temperature is supported. Feed their three once a day and claims to a food at arrested persons are not present. The consul, with the permission of local authorities, has passed them books, cigarettes and subjects of a daily life. On an insisting of the Russian diplomatic representative office, last one and a half month of a meeting of the consul with containing under arrest four months Russians became weekly.

In our embassy in the Fur-coat have refused to do forecasts on a sentence. It is known that at last session of court there will be a group of the Russian lawyers assisting in protection of our fellow citizens accused on nine articles.

Officials in Moscow repeatedly declared innocence of Russians and demanded their clearing and immediate homecoming. As it was marked in the statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Russian citizens abided in Qatar on the lawful bases and carried out without any infringements of the local legislation of a problem it is information - the analytical character, connected with counteraction to the international terrorism . But, as we see, Qatar judicial authorities completely ignored all statements of Moscow.