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Mail of Russia began to deliver faster foreign correspondence

Mail of Russia almost to a week has reduced average term of delivery of correspondence from - for a boundary in the last two days. It has shown research of the World postal union (VPS). And this indicator improves year from a year. In 2010 the international departures went to the most problem periods 23,6 days from the foreign sender to the Russian addressee. Now delivery term during such period has made 16 days.

However the federal post operator even more strengthens work on this direction. After all delivery terms should be reduced against rapid growth of remote trade, the Internet - auctions, activity of senders. Only for last year the quantity of small packages arriving to Russia has grown for 92 percent in comparison with 2010. Therefore Mail of Russia tries that is called, to embroider Bottlenecks, among which transport problems.

In the conditions of increase of a stream of correspondence in 2012 plans to continue independent investment in updating and development of own transport park. Already now for 43 percent volumes of mail delivered specially rented " have grown; Mail of Russia by transport planes. Mail intends to buy in addition railway cars, new cars, to create the automated sorting centres and etc. Plan pochtoviki to improve and a situation with an interregional stream of mail where the last year`s average index of observance of control terms has made less than 70 percent.

Now specifications of Roskomnadzora are carried out and exceeded in half of Russian regions: in Bryansk, Kaliningrad, Murmansk areas, in republics Tatarstans, the Chechen Republic, Udmurtiya and other subjects of the Russian Federation. Of absolute delivery of letters and parcels post the Jewish autonomous region can brag. On turn - improvement of indicators in two tens UFPS where transport problems are connected with the big territories.

In 2012 the special attention will be given delivery of departures on so-called to last mile - from post office to the addressee. mail of Russia will buy and will establish the special equipment for participation in work of global system of monitoring on tracing of passage of correspondence by means of RFID - labels.