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Nuclear-powered submarine the Seal passed Naval Forces of India, leaves Primorski Krai

That will execute in a trace to a leaving submarine - Farewell of the Slav hymns of India and Russia, and, can, both that, and another, we yet do not know. But that this event will occur one of these days, doubts does not remain.

the Multi-purpose nuclear submarine constructed at ship-building factory in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid and the received popularity under a name the Seal has passed all stages of tests and on January, 23rd this year it is officially passed India in rent for ten years. This very day, under messages from Delhi, it is enlisted in fighting structure of the Indian Naval Forces under the name CHakra . And now, under command of the Indian crew, should go to an addition place - on military - sea base Vishakhapatnam that at east coast of India.

Two weeks which preceded it, the submarine was in territory of factory of the ship equipment the East in a city the Big Stone near Vladivostok. According to the minister of the industry and transport of Khabarovsk territory of Vladimir Bychenko, the leaving ship completed with the equipment, arms, and also fuel for transition to a place of the future disposition . Factory the East it is historically connected with the Amur ship-building factory (in the city of Komsomolske - on - the Cupid of Khabarovsk territory) and in understanding of military seamen always was considered dostroechnoj, probation and delivery base ASZ.

Here the Seal - Chakra passed shvartovnye, running and all other tests. Therefore ceremony of official transfer of the ship to the Indian party here has taken place. On symbolical event to the Big Stone there have arrived the ambassador of India in Russia Adzhaj Malhotra ordering East military district of Russia admiral Konstantin Sidenko, other officials from command of Naval Forces of India, the Minister of Defence of Russia, Rosoboroneksporta Pacific fleet, and also the governor of Khabarovsk territory Vyacheslav Shport, which else being the deputy of the State Duma from Komsomolska - on - the Cupid has much made, that the submarine has been completed also this international project has taken place.

we Will remind that the ship has been put at the Amur ship-building factory in 1991 (under other data - still in 1986-) and intended for replenishment of Pacific grouping of diving forces of the USSR. It was the eighth under the bill among the similar atomic-powered vessels which were under construction under the project 971 the Pike - Sankt - the Petersburg sea bureau of mechanical engineering Malachite .   And, a head submarine of this series   - A nuclear-powered submarine To - 284 the Shark - has been constructed not on Sevmashpredprijatii and not on the Admiralty shipyards in Leningrad as it was then it is got, and in Komomolske - on - the Cupid, than here especially were proud and that remember till now.

But to the Seal had time to receive a tactical letter To - 152 still the Soviet Navy, largely has not carried. As well as to all ships that stood in turn behind it. Disintegration of the USSR and landslide reduction of the defensive order have for a long time left their destiny in a hover. the order 518 as named in official correspondence got stuck on a building berth the Seal in the middle of 90 - h years have frozen. Almost gamletovsky a question - to complete or cut on needles - discussed not one year in the most different offices. And already generated case of a submarine stuffed with the expensive equipment, took a place in stapelnom shop, demanding heat, the electric power and other supervision, including the militarised protection, measures of radiating and fire-prevention protection. And the longer stood, the more expensively and be not become more accessible.

Here then the offer was born to complete the Seal in interests of the foreign customer. Procedure of the coordination and production with the subsequent complex of tests have appeared much more difficult, than it was represented in the beginning. In addition in the autumn of 2008, during trial runs in sea of Japan, on to the Seal there was a misfortune: as a result of unapproved giving in compartments chemical ognegasitelja have received a deadly poisoning of 20 persons from the delivery command.

On finding-out of the reasons happened and a recovery work connected with replacement of system pozharotushenija and some other equipment, has left more year. Then tests have renewed, and in December 2010 - go the Seal has been accepted in fighting structure of the Navy of Russia. And further high-grade training of the Indian crew which by then has arrived to Russia and had training theoretical preparation in the educational centre of our submariners in Pine Pine forest near St.-Petersburg has already begun.

a year later - in the end of December 2011 - go - official representatives of Moscow and Delhi have signed the acceptance report - transfers of the nuclear submarine the Seal in leasing of Naval Forces of India for a period of ten years. Under informal data, contract cost - more than 900 million dollars. In day of signing of documents officials from the General staff of the Navy of Russia have informed that All tests and checks of functioning of a submarine in the sea are successfully finished, after New year the Indian crew will start it to render habitable and master... .

By Day of republic (main national the feast in India, it is marked on January, 26th) this stage has come to the end also. In the presence of honoured guests, after execution of hymns of Russia and India, on a submarine the Indian flag has been lifted. After this running cabin have unveiled, and all invited could see the new name of a submarine - CHakra .

Under same it is exact the name in 1988 India has accepted in structure of the Naval Forces - and too on a hire basis - the Soviet nuclear submarine To - 43. It was the head nuclear-powered submarine of second generation (the project 670 the Slope ) Armed with cruise missiles Amethyst with range of shooting of 80 kilometres. All eleven ships of that series have been constructed in Nizhni Novgorod (then still - Bitter) on ON Red Sormovo also have not bad proved during service. One of them at the desire of official Delhi also it has been decided to pass Naval Forces of India in the educational purposes.

Preparation To - 43 to possible transfer of India has begun in 1983, when in the educational centre of the Navy in Vladivostok profits two Indian crews. By a boat major repairs and upgrade, including installation of a new hydroacoustic complex " have been made; Rubicon .   In the January, 1988, preliminary renamed in UTS - 550 the nuclear submarine with the Soviet crew has left for India. There it has received at once the name CHakra and tactical number S - 71.

In a basing place enviable conditions for our seamen have been created: a special pier with 60 - the ton crane, services of the radiating security, covered dock - elling, workshops. At parking the water, compressed air and the electric power aboard moved. But at a pier stood not for long. In total CHakra has spent in independent swimmings about one year. All educational rocket shooting, under the statement of our veterans - submariners, came to the end with a direct hit in the purpose .

In January, 1991 originally established three-year term of rent has expired. Official Delhi suggested Moscow to prolong it, but the Soviet management of that time which are prevailed against by internal political problems, has not dared at it. Again enlisted in structure of the Navy the submarine in April, 1992 under the own steam has come back to Kamchatka and in two months has been excluded from fighting structure.

And for the Indian submariners, by their own recognition, CHakra became the present university. Many of those who ministered on it and who put to sea, have held in further key command fasts in the Indian Naval Forces. One admirals - not less than ten. And the practical experience received in operation S - 71, has allowed the Indian engineers and designers considerably to promote in works on creation of own nuclear-powered submarine.

And it not mere words. As marks leaving in Delhi Tajms of India trial runs of a head domestic rocket nuclear-powered submarine are planned for March - April of this year Arihant . And already in the beginning of its 2013 intend to enter into fighting structure. Thus India becomes the sixth state of the world on which arms of Naval Forces there are nuclear submarines.

With rent of the nuclear-powered submarine named in India CHakra Our country has received strategic possibilities for creation of a nuclear triad - abilities to put is rocket - nuclear attacks from an earth surface, from ocean and from air - the newspaper " confirms; Ejshn ejdzh .

But the main thing that military analysts mark, at the Indian Naval Forces appears perfect possibility to use this nuclear submarine for staff preparation. After all new CHakra it is equipped by a rocket complex Klab - With for defeat of the land purposes and modern torpedoes which are adopted fourteen Indian diesel engine - the electric submarines constructed in Russia.


Passed in rent of India   the nuclear submarine (the project 971, the Pike - on NATO classification - the Shark ) Concerns a third generation nuclear-powered submarine. The structure of their arms includes torpedoes, rockets - torpedoes and cruise missiles the Pomegranate with range of shooting of 3200 kilometres. However from - for restrictions which are provided by the international agreements about   non-distribution of the rocket technologies, the submarine passed India cannot be equipped by rockets of the big range. For this reason instead of KR the Pomegranate the submarine is equipped by a rocket complex Klab - With with range of defeat of the purposes of 300 kilometres.

Full displacement of a submarine - 12,7 thousand tons, the maximum speed - 30 sites, the maximum depth of immersing - 600 metres, autonomy - 100 days, crew - 73 persons. In total since 1984 to Russia (USSR) fifteen nuclear-powered submarines of this project are constructed.


In connection with transfer of a new atomic-powered vessel to the customer the governor of Khabarovsk territory Vyacheslav Shport has congratulated ship builders and has depicted factory immediate prospects: Today on the Amur ship-building enough orders that speaks about prospects of regional shipbuilding, - he has noted. - in frameworks gosoboronzakaza the multi-purpose patrol ship - korvet the project 20380 is under construction, the diesel submarine " is modernised;. Besides on shipyard in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid are put under abnormal condition - a salvage ship for mintransa Russia and two vessels of supply for work with floating drilling units for Gazflota. In plans of the enterprise for 2012 - a bookmark of the second korveta and several civil courts.