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Foreign experts will check up, how in Yaroslavl protect monuments

on February, 13th to Yaroslavl there will arrive expert mission of the International advice on preservation of monuments and noteworthy places (IKOMOS) led by Todorom Krestivom. On it have informed in the Yaroslavl branch of the Union of architects.

the Purpose of arrival of experts - to check up, how in Yaroslavl UNESCO convention on protection of objects of the world legacy and, in particular, last decision of committee of the world legacy of UNESCO/ IKOMOS across Yaroslavl is carried out.

Such attention of dear international organisation to an ancient city speaks Volga that since 2005 Yaroslavl is included in the object list of the world legacy of UNESCO. In Russia three cities have received such honour while only: St.-Petersburg, Yaroslavl and Derbent.

However time has shown that difficult such place of honour to occupy, but it is even more difficult - to be kept on it. Dot building practised in a city, and, the main, scale building in a historical part of Yaroslavl to it 1000 - letiju was called experts of UNESCO by many censures.

Up to that last year Yaroslavl nearly has not got into section the Legacy in danger after what there could be a banal exception 1000 - a summer city from objects of the world legacy of the United Nations Organization concerning education, a science and culture.

However so the austerity measure has been postponed - before the following session of committee of the world legacy which will pass in this year in St.-Petersburg. On it results of February visit to Yaroslavl experts IKOMOS also will be considered.

Special alarm of experts of the International advice on preservation of monuments and noteworthy places apartment houses, a multilevel automobile parking with engineering communications call constructed in a historical part of Yaroslavl of hostel, cafe, repair shops and a sink of the cars, the new bridge through the river Kotorosl, a monument to millenary of a city which, from the point of view of experts, has spoilt a kind on historical ensemble in Cowsheds. But most of all censures has called the Cathedral of the Dormition restored on the Arrow which has appeared much more massivnee the original blown up in 1937.

the Committee of the world legacy at last last year`s session has expressed concern to that modification of a city silhouette, quantity and scale of new objects of building … Were reflected negatively in system of a city historical lay-out 18 - go centuries and on architectural monuments 16 - go and 17 - go centuries and, hence, pose threat of outstanding universal value of object of the world legacy .

In this connection experts led by Todorom Krestivom will carry out monitoring of the historical centre of Yaroslavl, and also will get acquainted with management system existing in region and mechanisms of the decision-making, concerning historical objects. In respect of visit of foreign experts the meeting with the public appears also.