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Kostroma the militiaman - the bribe taker will pay the semimillion penalty

the Former militiaman patrol - sentry duty is denounced to the large penalty for bribery, informs investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the Kostroma region.

Preliminary and judicial examination has found out that in a zone of office responsibility of militiaman PPS there was a territory adjoining to the Central market of Kostroma. And in such place, as usual, accumulates to many people, wishing something to sell, but the corresponding permission not having on it. The guard also has used it.

According to the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the Kostroma region of Olga Vakurovoj, the militiaman regularly received bribes from the citizens who are carrying out retail trade without the permission at an input on the market. In total for neprivlechenie to the responsibility established by the law it has received dealers more than 21 thousand roubles.

As a result the court has sentenced the former militiaman to the penalty at a rate of 25 - the multiple sum of a bribe that has made 543 thousand 750 roubles. Besides, it for one year is deprived the right to occupy a post in public service and in the local governments, connected with realisation of functions of the representative of the power.