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Oryol Rospotrebnadzor in 2011 has rejected 24 tons of products

Regional management of Rospotrebnadzora has published the total report on results of supervision of quality and security of foodstuff in 2011.

All it has been spent more than 650 checks. To supervision have undergone over 80 tons of products from which about 24 tons have been removed from realisation. The total cost of the defective goods has exceeded one and a half million roubles.

More often claims fish and meat production, butter called experts an animal, dairy canned food, confectionery and fault. The total sum of the rules of trade of penalties imposed on infringers has exceeded 2,6 million roubles.

By the way, on research it has been selected in 1,8 times of tests more than in 2010. From them only 2 percent did not correspond to norms on microbiological indicators. A share   the products which are not corresponding   To requirements on sanitary - to chemical indicators, in comparison with 2010 has increased with 2,3 to 4,2 percent.

the Most polluted products in department named milk and dairy products, bakery, confectionery and culinary products, alcoholic drinks, bahchevye cultures and meat.