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In East military district for 2011 the number of plunders of the weapon has grown twice

In East military district in 2011 has been registered and opened 29 crimes connected with plunder of the weapon and ammunition. It in 2,3 times more than in previous, the head military - investigatory management SK has informed the correspondent the Russian Federation on East military district the general - the major of justice of Radik Garaev.

- It has been stolen eight automatic machines, four bayonet - a knife to them, 15 pomegranates F - 1, ten fuses UZRGM, four trotyl draughts on 200 grammes everyone, 1,2 thousand cartridges. All stolen is found and returned. Persons, involved in the given crimes, are involved in a criminal liability, - Garaev has told.

As he said, now the criminality overall level in armies decreases. The quantity heavy and especially grave crimes has decreased almost for 29 percent, crimes against the property - on 29, made by officers - on 34, and also almost for 50 percent the number of the crimes made by military men in an alcohol intoxication has decreased.

However the quantity of the crimes made by recruits, on - former grows. In comparison with 2010 this indicator has increased by 19 percent.

- Young men are not prepared completely not for military service, and they come to army with the certain installations generated on to the citizen . And that now occurs in a society: the youth criminality grows, the narcotism, alcoholism prospers, - Garaev ascertained.