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On Vyatka clearing of roads of snow will check by means of GLONASS

As the chief of department of regional department of a road economy, transport and communication Yury Shevelev, this year has informed the technician who is engaged in the maintenance of roads, will be equipped with system GLONASS.

Thanks to it the customer of works - the road committee of the Kirov region - can trace movement of technics of the contractor and concrete amount of works which is carried out on roads. And as a result will precisely know, for what to pay.

In turn, it is favourable also to the contractor as gorjuche - lubricants will be written off not according to travelling sheet, and on real moving of technics. That will discipline drivers.

Besides, it will help to resolve disputable situations in a case dorozhno - transport incidents. As in snowfalls difficult happens to understand, here clearing before has been made or not. And at presence spatially - the time data all questions will be removed.

- While it is a question of the technician who is engaged snegoochistkoj and the maintenance of roads - on it already establishes gauges, - Yury Shevelev speaks, - but further the sphere of their application will extend and for summer works.